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GESWS conducts AGM

By: Zulfiqar Ali Khan & Zeeshan Ali 

Hunza, July 14: The Gulmit Educational and Social Welfare Society (GESWS) has conducted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on July 13 2008. About 100 members of GESWS, Board of Governors (BOG) Al-Amyn School, Board of Directors Community Inter College and educated youth and elders participated the day-long session. Mrs. Yasmeen Ali, Member, Ismaili National Council for Pakistan graced the occasion as Chief Guest while Rehmatullah Baig, President, GESWS presided the session.  

Rehmattullah Baig, in his opening speech, has said that the institution was established during 1991 to fill the gap of quality education and take decisions based on local context, needs and resources. He has also stressed the educated youth to join hands with elders to materialise these objectives. 

Mir Baz Khan, Acting General Secretary has presented the minutes of last AGM meeting conducted on March 25, 2007. The meeting participant after some modifications approved the minutes.  

Sikadar Ahmed, Acting Finance Secretary has presented the financial report of the society and college. Anwar Ali, General Secretary, Board of Governor has presented the detailed financial report of Al-Amyn English Model School.  

 Abdul Waheed has presented a detailed presentation on GESWS.  He also shared the future plan of the society with the participants. He has said that, the society has the plan to start intermediate level classes in A-Amyn school and degree level classes for female students in Girls Higher Secondary School.  

Jabbar Khan, Chairman, BOG has presented a detailed report about the activities of Al-Amyn Model School. Khalida Parveen, General Secretary Board of Directors has presented the progress report of the Community Inter College.  

After formal presentations, the participants forwarded their reflections and suggestions to further improve the performances of the society and school. Nusrat Nasab, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, FOCUS, Jabbar Khan, Executive Engineer, Sultan Mehmood and Shakila Aziz have appreciated the professional approaches of the office bearers and stressed the need to further improve the minutes recording and confirmation process.  Jabar Khan has said that Al-Amyn School needs to concentrate on Islamiat and Urdu as a subject. Sher Karim has stressed the need of counselling for students regarding technical and vocational trainings. The participants also stressed the need to organise parental counselling sessions to avoid in future, mushrooming of problems due to negligence and indifferences from parents.  

Yasmeen Ali, Chief Guest of the session has highlighted the important points Moulana Hazir Imam has stressed in his Golden Jubilee speech. She has also stressed the need to plan for the possible economic and food crisis in the country.  

At the end the participants acknowledged the services of the cabinet and extended the services of Rehmatullah Baig as President, Shahgul Aziz, Senior Vice President, Ajaib Khan, Vice President, Sharifuddin, Joint Secretary, Sultan Ayub, PRO, Muhammad Afzal, member, Bibi Jehan, member and Aliyar Khan as member. The participants with concensus inducted Mir Baz Khan as General Secretary, Sajjad Ahmed, Aditional General Secretary, Sikanar Ahmed, Finance Secretary , Abdul Hameed, Joint Finance Secretary, Dr. Sher Aziz, member, Muhammad Ali, member, Muhammad Hussain, member, Nahida Karim, member, Ahmed Khan, member, Muhammad Azeem, member, Dad Ali, member and  Aziz Karm as member.

The society will select new Board of Governors for Al-Amyn School and Board of Directors for inter college.

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  1. Ya Ali Madam
    GESWS Activists

    Congratulation and proud of you for your achievements and services, keep it up the sky is yours limit Insha Allah Maulah helps you and you will achieve your Goals as soon as in future, (Ameen).
    Gulmit Gojal public and the GESWS present and the former activists are doing a very God job especially in Educational field which is unforgettable services.

    Ali aman gojali

  2. congrates to every one who are part of these activities and giving thier precious time for the batterment of education the participation of youth and seniors show the intrest towards education that is good news being an assiosation with education i am wishing to be a part of this service to serve jamat and the jamati institution,s to make them more they can work with more zeal and zest to enhance education in the area..

    Didar Karim Bari

  3. Dear readers of PT,
    The systematic approach of Gulmit Educational and Social Welfare Society (GESWS) is really appreciable. The implementation of the true essense of management and the constructive works and approach of GESWS really increases the impact level of the existing team.Although most of the members are not professionally trained for the tasks but are doing far more better than one could normally expect.
    There are some prominent persons who have really been committed and will get the reward in many folds inshallah.
    It really makes me proud that we have a setup,an infrastructure and a systematic environment for progress.
    The credit goes to all those who have always wanted the region to blossom despite the various types of constraints.
    I salute the very honourablr personalities for their contributions in developing an autonomous system.
    Aslam Ghalib

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