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GB Killings: Protests in Skardu, Diamer and Hunza – Nagar

Protesters in Skardu listening to speakers (not in pic)

Special Reporter

Aliabad/Skardu, March 3: Thousands of people took to the streets in Skardu in protest against brutal killing of commuters in Chilas. The protesters demanded action against the culprits and blasted the government and law enforcing agencies for failing to protect the commuters and citizens.

Diamer: Thousands also protested in Chilas, the headquarters of Diamer, after the news of violence in Gilgit reached there. Some of the protesters then stopped buses and put many of them on fire, while shooting at least nine passengers.

Hunza – Nagar:  Protest demonstrations were also held in Hunza – Nagar to condemn the killing. Hundreds of people reached Aliabad Hunza to register their protest, grief and anger.

Astore: There are reports suggesting that thousands of people might come on the streets tomorrow in Astore to condemn the killings in Gilgit.

Protesters in Skardu listening to speakers (not in pic)

Law and order has been tightened across the region, according to official sources.

8 thoughts on “GB Killings: Protests in Skardu, Diamer and Hunza – Nagar

  1. This is extremely sad.Killings of innocent persons is not acceptable.This region was known for peace and calm.

    GB province should be made arms free

  2. Suggested Strategies for Peace In GB…
    1-Expel all the outlander from GB.
    2-No outsider should be allowed to own properties in GB until someone from GB guarantees his character and sectarian track record.
    3-Extremist organizations should be banned for good.
    4-Hate speeches should be banned..
    5-Disarm all GB without any sect discrimination.
    6-Govt Officials involved in supporting the extremists should be terminated.
    7-Transportation Roots should be made safe for all sects. I suggest more police check points in crisis hit areas..i-e starting from Minor till the end of Kohistan.
    8-What is Convoy? Mere one police vehicle leading more that 50 not a convoy..It’s just a joke with innocent people..Driving them and leaving them at mercy of terrorists. Think about it.
    Enough food for thought if seriously taken.

  3. Were you being sarcastic? Well it’s more likely save GB 🙂 Running away from worst circumstances itself is huge problem.

  4. Respected Zareen the Idea of -Expel all the outlander from GB. is like you want to create Sate within a state! and is against the role of the country! One needs to push the public towards brotherhood and tolerance! and to understand the true meaning of Islam that is peace and Humanity!

  5. The youth must come up and save GB. The people from North are very humble and generous,we are not the ones to kill our own brothers.The young blood can stop the old rivalry between believes and i have been living with guys in university who have been from all the parts of GB and never had a single problem in terms of secterianism. The young leaders must come up togather and think about bringing harmony in the region and restore the true spirit of brotherhood which is the best thing observed in us when we are in our own particular regions. Lets bring togather our brothers and make an effort to provoke peace in us. Allah bless ou land GB Aaameen

  6. am from khi, but i have always loved GB, my experience with ppl there was awesome, i really feel sorry for the precious lives. i have been there 5/6 times, but it seems that visiting those places again is not a good idea any more.
    dnt u guys remmber the time when we use to watch “Travel Guide of Pakistan” on PTV, astonishing beauty we had in pakistan, but am afraid we are lossing it 🙁 these places dnt seem safe any more to travel with family.

  7. @ Zareen! I deem it wise to 100% agree with you. The govt of Pakistan is playing a unique and ambigous game here in GB. On one hand GB is being termed as a dispiuted area but on the other hand outsiders are infiltrating wih a mechanised and planned manner. According to the charter of UN no person can buy prperty, settled permamently in disputed area. If GB is a disputed territory then why the pakistani usurpers are reluctant to impose State Subject Rule like that of AJK, where non local can not get property and settle permanently. During former dictator Zia regime the State Subject Rule was lifted to ifiltrate the non locals in order to change the local demography. Untill and unless State Subject Rule is not imposed internal subversion can never be eradicated.

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