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Aliabad: Stranded residents of Gojal present charter of demand, postpone protest

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Hunza, January 29: A charter of demand signed by 71 people has been submitted to the office of Deputy Commissioner in Hunza valley in which the stranded residents of Gojal Valley have demanded reopening of the boat service within 24 hours.The stranded passengers postponed their protest after negotiation with local elders and officials of the district administration.

The boat service to Gojal has been suspended since last week due to freezing of the dammed Hunza River. An elderly woman from Kirmin village of Chipursan Valley passed away the other day in Gulmit due to absence of medical facilities. Hundreds of passengers, including women, children and patients, are stranded on both sides of the frozen river, waiting for resumption of the boat service.

The government has failed to make way for the boats by breaking the frozen surface with the help of rafts and heavier machinery.

The local people have demanded of the government and the Aga Khan Health Service to provide medical facilities in the region. The role of the organizations and the government is being heavily criticized in the region.

“The failure of the relevant organizations to provide extra-ordinary health facilities to the region in the times of disaster will never be forgotten by people”, an NGO worker told Pamir Times on the condition of anonymity. She said that the people are fed up of fake promises and failures on all fronts.

Yesterday the stranded passengers had scuffled with the bodyguards of GBLA Speaker and exchanged harsh words with the Speaker, who is an elected representative of the region. The protesters had threatened to call an indefinite strike in the region if the boat service was not resumed and if the health facilities are not enhanced.

Meanwhile, the Karakoram University has refused to reschedule examinations for the stranded students of Gojal Valley. The parents and students were demanding opening of a temporary examination center in Gojal Valley or postponement of the examinations.  The Controller of Examination, Professor Karim Khan, has reportedly said that such massive arrangements cannot be made for a handful of students.

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  1. Very sad remarks from the Controller of examinations, if the academic session of karakuram university can be put off for indefinite period (during mid of December 2012) then why not this genuine plea and request is accepted, Opening of a Examination Centre in Upper hunza is not a big deal, just need will and good intentions.

  2. The People of Gojal have realized now that no one is ready to solve the basic needs of the stranded people. From the day one they are requesting the Government to to make their communication easy and accessible but it is getting worsen day by day, It looks a well planed conspiracy against the people of the area.Health and medical facility is the most crucial problem, several people have lost their lives without medical facilities. the elected leaders and administration has failed to solve the problems, So the people of Gojal need to keep unity among themselves and fight for their rights continuously.

  3. Dear All youths of Gojal,
    Its crucial time to protest and demand the rights of gojal, so it is my humble request to come forward and try our best to produce any pressure on local govt, this is happen due to lack of political leadership in the gojal region,

  4. bus je sub kuch hamery pass hey jab bahtoo zinda hey yahi nara hamery liya bahooth kuch hey hamare education, health our rozgar sub kuch bhatoo our bibi zinda hey shame for all Gojali abi bi bahtoo key pachey pardey howy hein

  5. Dear Youth of Gojal
    this is time to think of leadership crise among gojalia. This is time to stand for change.I am verymuch optimist in the near future the youth of gojal will brings change.we need true educated leader.Now this is time to say good bye for the political parties. we should develop true leader from ourselves. we must think about.

  6. I don’t know what Mr Wazir Baig is doing in the assembly, i think he is sleeping there since two years. Since 4 Jan, 2010 the people of Gojal are protesting nothing happened. Nothing will be batter till the end of the tenure of the so called government.

  7. We are the gojalies who elect Wazir baig.. Were are the ppp jiyalas of gojal why they are silent.

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