Gilgit - Baltistan

Hydropower initiatives

By Hussain Ahmad Siddiqui for Dawn

The mountainous Northern Areas have also been struck by the regular load-shedding, adversely affecting normal life and trade in its main towns.

According to recent reports, trade activities at Sust, the busiest town and trade hub near Pak-China border, as well as various offices in the Gojal valley are facing power shortages and outages. Similar is the situation in Gilgit city, the headquarters of the Northern Areas.

One of the major issues facing the government is that of raising the quality of life of the people of the Northern Areas who are currently deprived of even the basic amenities like electricity. Shockingly, Pakistan is ranked one of the lowest, 152 among 208 countries of the world, in terms of per capita consumption of electricity. The latest global data of 2007 shows 453 kWh per capita annual consumption in Pakistan that is even lower than Bolivia and Mozambique. Compared to this figure, per capita yearly consumption of electricity in the Northern Areas is just 44 kWh, the lowest in any part of the country.

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One Comment

  1. I appreciate the effort by Mr. Sidiqui to point out the real problem of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). Publishing such article while mentioning the problems of the area in Daily DAWN may bring the attention of the concerned authorities. I am not sure that the so-called democratic government of Pakistan will do some efforts to combat the problems of GB.

    The need for electricity in the GB is very critical, whether it is summer or winter. In summer electricity is required for business activities and in winter, to fight against the minus degree celcius it is very important to have electric heaters or other devices. Wood is insufficient in the area and also there is ban on wood by the conservation agencies.

    I understand that conservation agencies are doing this to preserve the natural resources but they have to arrange some alternate source of energy for the people of the area.

    Many Thanks

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