“Civil Whispers” launched in Karachi

Press Release

Karachi, September 05: The Aga Khan Youth and Sports, Regional Committee for Karachi and Baluchistan, launched the initiative called “civil whispers”. Civil Whispers is a series of events that would attempt to create a a society where the individuals are informed, optimistic and vibrant.

The first event of this series was held at the auditorium of Aga Khan University, on 31st August. The topic selected for the event was violence. Young artists depicted various forms of violence existing in our society using theatrical performances. Improvised theaters, followed by dialogues, were helpful in highlighting various dimensions of violence in our society.

Renowned trainer and management consultant, Farhad Karamally, was the lead whisperer of the event. He masterfully generated discussions on sensitive topics and sent meaningful messages to the three hundred participants of the program. Nadeem Chauhan, a trainer and consultant, was the chief guest. He asked the participants to challenge the status quo and work for attainment of a society that is informed, works optimistically for welfare of all, without discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, creed and socio economic status.

Noor Muhammad, a member of the AKYS, regional committee for Karachi and Baluchistan, explained the philosophy of civil whispers and informed the participants about the values that this event would like to attain.

Young artists also performed the internationally acclaimed play called “Bang Bang you are dead”, depicting on – campus violence and relating it to behavior of the youth in Pakistan. The play was performed exuberantly by the artists and ended with a standing ovation for the young artists.

Civil Whispers would use different modes of communication and different program formats, including theater, talk shows, field trips, simulation exercises and artistic expressions for spreading the message of adhering to dialogue, practicing tolerance and promoting humanistic values. Events will be held on monthly basis, in different localities, depending on program format and objectives. The next discussion would revolve around the topic “If justice get dispensed on the streets, who has failed? The citizens? The State? Or the courts?”

Civil Whispers is the brain child of Khurram Lalani, Noor Muhamamd, Hina Haqqani and Munir Sharif. Khurram Lalani is the Event Manager, Noor is responsible for Content and Concept Development, Hina is head of logistics and Munir heads the creative team.

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  1. “Civil Whispers” is nice initiative to step towards suceess and to bring a change in our selves as well as our society . as i attentd the launching ceremoney with some of my other fellows.
    we all appriciate the efforts of Sir NOOR MOHD . i personally reguest him to inform the youth specially the khik youths to get into it too.
    and i hope some of our youth will read it out so i request them too to join the civil whispers programmes in the near future and become a part of it and be th the “INFORMED”, “OPTIMIST” AND “VIBRANT “Individuals of our society.
    best wishes to Noor Sir and all his team.

    Aziza Numa

  2. Great idea and great work,, good plateform to discuss sensitive issues facing by our generation, it will help all of them to serv better for society and for their own carear as well.

    Almaty Kazakhstan

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