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Vote for Women Empowerment Project of NAs!

A Project of Hashoo Foundation named ‘Women Empowerment through Honeybee Farming’ has been selected as one of the 12 finalists out of 700 entries for the BBC World Challenge 08 Contest. This is the first time that a rural project from Pakistan has been highlighted on such a forum.

The Women Bee Keepers from the Northern Pakistan are generating their incomes by selling High Quality Honey to the Marriott and Pearl Continental Hotels in Pakistan – earning more than twice the price they would have in the local market. This Income enables these women to provide for their Children’s Education, Health and Nutrition.

Let us vote for Women Empowerment and for a rural areas project of Pakistan!

VISIT the links below! OR

Your Vote will make the difference not only in the lives of the hard working women but also bring good name for the country, the region and our community.

After you have voted forward the link to your Family and Friends.

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