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GBLA passes resolution seeking special PIA and C-130 flights

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Gilgit, September 5: Legislators at the GB assembly discussed the law and order situation in the region on second day of the 24th session. The legislators unanimously approved a resolution presented by MLA Sarwar Shah, seeking special PIA and C-130 (Air Force) flights for the Gilgit – Baltistan.

The legislator, while presenting a joint resolution moved by Agha Muhammad Ali Shah, Sarwar Shah and Raziuddin Rizvi, said that the Karakoram Highway has proven to be lethal for passengers because of acts of terrorism in the recent past. He said that people are afraid of traveling on the KKH.

The resolution demanded of the federal government to operate special flights for the region, using PIA and the Air Force. Some legislators also suggested to invite private investors to operate flights between Gilgit and Rawalpindi.

The legislators also demanded lowering of the ticket charges to facilitate the low-income groups.

The resolution was unanimously passed by the house.

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  1. No body will listen to these legislators,coz they dont have any ability to convince powerfull people in all exercise in vain.

  2. Private Airlines Shaheen Airline and Airblue should also allowed to operate flights for Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral. Otherwise PIA ‘s Monopoly is still there to worsen the situation for the people of GB..

  3. Passing the resoulatios are not solutions of emerging issues. First of all transparent and viable system needs to be developed. If the facility is not provided on equity and equality bases it also creates hateness and frustrartion amongst students as well as all community members. If some favourite passengers are sent freely and deserving like sick persons or the persons who have enlisted their names earlier are ignored this situation was also caused suffering for passengers and students.On daily bases list should be prepared and they should be given approval receipt with specific dates and nominal charges also should be there. If PIA is charging 6000,why C130 should not charge 3000 at least to compensate the fuel expenses as well.Untill and unless the system would be not in placed such things become cause of more financial loss. Just now I was told by my colleague that constantly I went to air port for C130 constantly 15 days and I paid for taxi more than 9 thousand. If such dealing would be with 100 passengers daily they would loss in millions. Therefore it is suggested to adminstration and policy makers should develop a concrete mechanism ensuring transparency, equity and equality that is teaching of our great religion but due to not following these golden principles we are towards declination.

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