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[Pictory 13] Earth Day


Threatened by bombs, chemicals and resources deplition the planet earth is our only known home in the universe.  Only the mad ones destroy their homes despite of knowing that they have nowhere else to go.

Why are we destroying our only home in the universe?

Let’s discuss.

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  1. Global Warming, Melting of Glaciers, Climate Change, Pollution due to Carbon Emissions, Disruptions in Ecosystem, Resource Depletion, Degradation of Forests, Use of Timber for Construction Purposes, Wood Burning for Energy, Use of Food Stuff for Biofuel, Worldwide Food Crises, Starvations, Economical Crises, Increase in Population, Less Job Opportunities, Lesser Rain Falls, Drying of Water Reserves and Droughts are the time bombs to fall every corner of the world in near future.

    While living in a God gifted area where we can grow bulk of fruits and different types of vegetables, it is our responsibility to initiate a noble cause and make people aware of growing fruit and timber trees in the region to KEEP HUNZA GREEN and stop the time bombs before they fall on us and our new generation.

    Let us participate in this noble and holy cause before our kids raise the questions like PAPA WHAT U DID TO SAVE ME FROM THE TIME BOMBS.

    We invite every body to join the cause and comment: Please click the link below and join the cause.

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