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AKEPB offers Chinese language course in Sost

By: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, October 20: The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board (AKEPB), Hunza has started Chinese language course at Pak-China border town Sost with the aim of equipping the the youth with necessary language skill required for dealing with citizens of the world’s fast growing economy.

About 35 youth and business persons, including 10 females, have registered for the course. The course facilitator Adam is from Kashghar and had a master degree in Urdu also.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Fida Karim, Chairman AKEPB for Hunza, and others stressed on the course participants to use the language skill to tap the trans-border trade and development opportunities.

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  2. Der aayad durust aayad… we should have taken this step almost 10 years before… anyhow, it is good move and we must appreciate. In order to canalize the benefits of cross boarder interaction and trade it is very important. Not only it will help our youngsters to communicate with the Chinese traders or tourist better, but will also give them a new paradigm of knowledge and learning. In today’s knowledge society China is producing a wealth of scientific scholarship. In order to tape the benefits of their research we need to diversify our language learning capability.

  3. A right step in the right direction. A courageous and bold initiative, should become a sustainable project and run on a mrore professional basis.

    The sponsors deserves our thanks. God speed!

    Mutabiat, Islamabad

  4. time and tide waits for none! unless one gets prepared for the settled objective or goals. for achieving the goals it need some foundations and this language course is a very demanding step which would foster the economy in the long run,having the dealing capabilities.
    best this i would cetainly wish if the local institutions move a bold campaign against drugs trafficking,which is jeopardizing our image and religion in the region as well as before very dear neighbour country…
    many appreciations and Good Luck!!

  5. Congrats to the Local and Regional teams of AKEPB, yap i do agree on the saying of Aejaz “DEER AYAD DURUST AYAD” other such technical and market required efficiency can be inclcated for future programmes. I request AKRSP to be in involve in Main power trainings, like specialised welding, mechanical, pakaging, soft carpentary and electrical and heavy earth equipments trainings.

    very good wishes to AKEPB Hunza

  6. Good effort by AKEPB Hunza for arranging Chinese language training for the youth of the valley at Sost.

    I hope the youth will get benefit by learning such an improtant language of the modern business world. I expact the organisers that this course is not only for litrate persons but also for the illitrate (businessmen visiting China for trade purpose).

    AKEPB is also request to arrange seminars or workshops for the businessmen of the valley for improving their business. some of the topics may be:

    1) keeping the business (Accounting) records
    2) Managing the loans
    3) Saving for future
    4) Reducing the cost of business
    5) establishing and managing coorporative business or partnerships
    6) Diversifying their investments or portfolio investment
    7) What to do in the off-season?

    There are many topic which may be helpful for the local community.


    Sher Ahmad Posh

  7. Our gratitudes are for AKEPB and to the one who may have perceived this idea. As rightly mentioned by Mr. Mutabiat Shah, sustainability and sound professionalism would be the key driving force in the success of this great initiative. This would indeed help bring the people of the two countries more closer to each other..

    Mehmood Hunzai

  8. YAM to all and my especial Gratitude the team members of AKEPB Hunza.The initial team work towards the sustainable development.i must say this makes strong relationship bridges between the state of Hunza and people’s republic fo China……..

  9. well its tremendous effort of AKEPB Hunza . we must appreciate and coordinate with them. this shows a great affiliation with china’s people and with their country.

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