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Gilgit rattled by gunfire and protests, two injured

Gilgit: Young people burning tyres to protest closure of the "Route 5" transport service

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Gilgit, April 1: The capital city of Gilgit – Baltistan remained paralyzed by heavy gunfire and violent protests throughout the day as hundreds of people took to the street against a ban imposed by the GB Government on Route 4 and Route 5, started by two major sects. According to reports shops were forcefully closed in different parts of the city.

Firing continued throughout the day and deep into the night. Two people, Shoaib and Iftikhar, were injured, according to sources.

The Drivers’ Union in Gilgit has reportedly distanced itself from the decision to provide transportation service on Route 4 and Route 5. INP reports that a statement released by the Union’s office has demanded action against the drivers who had started services on these controversial routes.

Local people had expressed reservations against the apparently sect-oriented transport service. The service, it is believed, can further divide the people by permanently disconnecting them from each other.

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  1. What motivates people towards this type of violence?? Any unbiased and unemotional answer??

  2. well sajjad ali frankly speaking no answer,but i ll b happy if u could pls ans the question.

  3. Why don’t these sects understand the ground realities how they are made to fight against each other.
    On the other side why can’t the law enforcement agencies sustain the law and order situation in the city, a question mark on their performance.what about the paramilitary forces?

  4. Why people don’t understand the violence in the region may lead to poverty & ignorance. They need to ponder over the turmoil circumstances and identify the issues.

    1. if people living in region are illetrate and ignorant, how would they understand impact of violance?

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