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How Pakistan treats its pre islamic heritage

Friday, October 24, 2008 A proposed dam in the Indus Valley threatens to destroy both lives and ancient sites. It is easy to miss Chilas. Driving through the austere valleys of northern Pakistan, a car zips past this quiet mountain town in barely five minutes. Yet it was here that,...

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Oct 23 celebrated with traditional fervour

By: Zeeshan Ali & Zulfiqar Ali Khan Hunza, October 24: The Ismaili community of Hunza celebrated October 23 with great zeal and fervour to mark the first visit of the Ismaili Iman (spiritual leader) to Hunza on October 23, 1960. In this regard different programmes were organised in all villages...

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Poll Result

We had recently conducted a poll to get feedback on performance of Pamir News Blog. The following photograph shows your responses in this regard.

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Trekking Experience

Friday, October 24, 2008 The Northern Areas of Pakistan are called Bam-i-Dunya. As graphic in names they are foreboding in majesty, the Himalaya translate as “the abode of the snows”, The Karakoram, the “black gravel mountains”, and the Hindu Kush, “the Paariyaatra Parvat”. Adventurous trekkers from all over the world...

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Opinion: Intellectual Property Rights & Modern Businesses

by Advocate Amir Ali In today’s world, it is hard to imagine any business venture or a commercial enterprise that does not pos­sess one or another form of “Intellectual Property”. For an ordinary businessman, the term “Intellectual Property” has probably been one of the most misunderstood terms of law and business...

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