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Oct 23 celebrated with traditional fervour

By: Zeeshan Ali & Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, October 24: The Ismaili community of Hunza celebrated October 23 with great zeal and fervour to mark the first visit of the Ismaili Iman (spiritual leader) to Hunza on October 23, 1960. In this regard different programmes were organised in all villages of Hunza. Major events in Upper Hunza (Gojal) were organised on October 23 while in Central Hunza on October 24.

In Gulmit, a mega programme was organised at Gulmit polo ground, participated by hundreds of community members as well as tourists. Majeed Khan, Ex-President Ismaili Local Council for Gulmit was Chief Guest while Muhammad Baig, Ex-Captain Ismaili Volunteer Corp (during Oct 23, 1960) presided the event. Scouts entertained the audiences through different skits and sport activities. Through a talk show, the elders shared their experiences of Oct 23, 1960 with the audiences.  The speakers in their speeches highlighted the particular situations, the community was living before 1960 and stressed on youth to prepare for the coming challenges.

Similar programmes (Thamasha)  were also organised in Karimabad and Hyderabad, where people danced on traditional music.


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  1. MHI’s first ever visit to the area, exactly 48 years back, was definitely the single most important event of the region’s history, proving to be the turning point in shaping our lives positively on many counts . That blessed day of 23rd October, 1960 will go a long way in lives and will continue to be celebrated with the same fervor and enthusiasm.

    As a consequence of that momentous visit, not only did we change economically, but our entire way of life has transformed, tremendously. More development, tranquility, progress and prosperity is expected to be seen in the near future, as MHI in that soul –touching Darbar, had prophesied that Hunza, one day, will become like Paris (not exactly the same words), we have every reason to believe in the Farman at all times to come that it will definitely happen.

    Our thanks go to the brethren who live in the villages for upholding the great tradition as a way of paying their gratitude to the Benefactor, year after year. We are really proud of this relatively new tradition and all those who celebrate the occasion.

    Salgirah and Khushhaali Mubarak!!!


    Mutabiat, Islamabad

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