Gilgit - Baltistan

Drug traffickers active in Hunza

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, September 05: The Aliabad Police has detained Fazal Karim, belonging to Garelth recovering Hashish worth of more than fifty thousand rupees from his possession. According to police this is first time they have recovered Hashish in Hunza.

According to sources, organised gangs from NWFP have actively been involving local people in drug use and trafficking. During the recent past many local people have also been arrested, allegedly, involved in trafficking Heroin to China. The barber and cobbler shops in Hunza are said to be center of this business.

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  1. It is so hurtning to hear that people from Hunza are into drugs (use and business) despite a very clear Farman, I still remember the words I heard myself in Aliabad in 1997.

    Are we playing in the hands of those drug dealers in the disguise of cobblers and hairdressers and others who use this route to smuggle drugs through China to the world. As we have been comming across news of involvments of locals in this dirty trade for quite some time now.

    It is high time that we keep eyes on such elements and prevent our youth against use and any involvment in drugs because it is not only destroying our new generations but also bringing bad name to our community.

  2. Dear Readers of PT,
    It is really a shocking news about the traffickling of drugs in Hunza.The transboundry traffickling of the sub-standard alcoholic products have already spoiled the previously immaculate environment of Hunza and this is the second big attempt to further concentrate the notorious elements in the region.
    So far the situation created has suffered many families as the bread winners one way or the other got involved in such destructive activites and many families lost their stability and equilibrium because of financial crisis.This further led to many other social constraints which polluted the entire environment.
    My request from the notables is to probe into the situation and trace out the evils who have the wrong intentions to spoil the beauty and simplicity of the region.
    Aslam Ghalib

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