Gilgit - Baltistan

Sost lacks basic amenities


by: Nadeem Aman

Sost, despite the fact of serving as a trade gate and commercial hub between China, Pakistan and potentially with Central Asian countries lacks the basic amenities. Water shortages and regular electricity outrages is adversely affecting not only the trade activities but also made the life of local people miserable.

The Sost Town generates millions of revenue yearly for the government through trade and foreigners visiting this town and Khunjarab national park. The town is becoming one of the major sources of income for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. Thousands of people earn their breads and butters from this town.

The traders and the local peoples have demanded from the government to take instant step to provide the basic amenities in order to boost trade and commerce activities.

The border is going to close on 31st of December till 1st may for trade, but it will remain open for the KKH extension project only.

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One Comment

  1. you will all see,soust will turn into new Pirvadahi,same situation its turning into?all places are with garbage n human remains,plastics n disposable bottles are evry where,if the wind blows all the shit is thrown on ur face,there is no leadership quality with not a single person.all persons are slowly losing their identity and there is no civic life???people are very ignorant,who will think n work for the civil society of soust border,just thank God that the weather takes all the shit out of soust,otherwise forget about,electricity n water supplies with severage system,coz soustik persons are layman,they cannot work n neither they have educations,soust people future is in great danger,,,,,If they want change themself,no one will change their destiny,you better watch out.thanks Lalmo from karachi pk

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