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Lady Police Officer, SPO Hussan Zareen, of Gojal nabs a gang of robbers

Inspector Zareen & Changezi, sitting, in front of the HIACE, are the arrested robbers. In the hand of Mr Changezi is the wig of the bald robber sitting at the right.

Dear Readers, this story has been mailed to Pamir Times by Sultan Khan, a student of class 8th, belonging to Passu Gojal. Pamir Times has also talked to Ms Hussan Zareen about this incident and she desreves appreciation and support from all quarters of the society, for this act of bravery. We are thankful to Sultan Khan for sending the writeup. Editor_.

By Sultan Khan,

Motorway Police in Pakistan also plays the role of highway police. They maintain not only the traffic rules on the motorway but also secure the motorway for the citizens, by keeping a watch on criminals. In Pakistan the motorway police is also known as the best segment of law enforcsing establishment. Following is a story related to a femle officer of the force. It revolves around an action that took place on May 9, 2008.

Inspector Hussan Zareen d/o Zaffar Ullah Baig from Gulmit, Gojal, in Hunza valley, was on her usual patrolling duty on the GT Road, close to Hassanabdal, along with her driver Havaldar Hidayat Ullah. Suddenly a weak person, named Khasta Gul from the NWFP, came in the middle of the highway pointing asking the NHA vehicle to stop. Hussan Zareen stopped to listen and Khasta Gul cried pointing towards a speeiding HIACE (van) “ People in that van with yellow number plate rushing ahead robbed all my money and the robbers threw me out of the vehicle. So, please help me”, he said.

Zareen promptly ordered the driver to follow the van. In the meanwhile, she also intimated this incident to the respective police station of Wah Cant as well as the motorway polices at the city frontiers.

Like a film scene, the lady police officer along with her driver was chasing the robbers’ gang of 9 people. These gangsters were inside the van, in the guise of passengers, and had been wanted in many other similar criminal cases. They used to ride the vehicles moving toward the NWFP and, later, rob the people of their belongings.

Risking her life, SPO Zareen was determined to arrest such culprits who rob the poor passengers. The robbers saw that the motorway police vehicle was chasing them. The driver of the culprits was therefore driving very fast. However, at a place, the robbers, all of whom belonged to NWFP, left the highway and entered in the town of Hassan Abdal in order to run away. This place is very famous for the Sikh brethren wherein the Guruduwara is also situated. Now, here the road ended and the hills terrain started. The robbers in hurry parked their car and tried to run away. After a firing phase, six of the robbers succeeded in fleeing. Hussan Zareen caught the three robbers along with the van and Hav. Hidayat Ullah was still behind the fleers. These three robbers’ names are Momin Khan s/o Noor Muhammad Din from Charsada district; Aman Ullah Khan s/o Shah Mahmood from district Swat; Ghulam Abbas s/o Muhammad Yaqub r/o Burhan.

At this moment, the local community members also reached at the location and helped out these two police officers. This is also important to note that one of these robbers threatened these polices that he had links with some of the king makers in the present government and the officers will repent his arrest.

In the meanwhile some other police officers like Shaukat Changezi, DSP Naeem Tiwana and Admin Officer Faraast Ali also arrived at the spot who were anxious about the life of their colleagues and helped them by bringing these looters along with the van to the police station. Khasta Gul, whose money was robbed, registered FIR against these robbers in the police station of Wah Cant.

During investigation, disguise materials such as wig, 16 mobile phones, 30 different CIMs of mobile phones, golden rings and small weapons were discovered from the robbers. Furthermore, the van (HIACE) was also found unregistered with the government.

Khasta Gul was happy who got his money back and he thanked and prayed for the lady police officer who heard the voices of such poor people and caught courageously the culprits within an hour. The DIG, SP and other senior officers of police were very pleased for this success and expressed their pride for such determination, bravery and achievement of SPO Hussan Zareen and she was rewarded with the cash prize also.

It is also significant tat this incident of bravery got coverage in the national media such as Geo TV, Naw-e Waqt, and Express.


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  1. let’s hope that such incidents continue to get appreciation by people and media. we are in dire need of such officers in this time when the crime rate in the country continues to rise.

    Bravo! to Ms Hussan Zareen

  2. Congratulatioins for this great success and this is a pride for all of our community. WE need to learn lesson from such dedication, boldness and sincerity with one’s responsibility and care for the poor in practical term.

  3. Excellent Zareen, we are proud of you for your dedication and commitment. Keep it up.

  4. dear Aunt ! Ms Hussan Zareen
    Great job. Do it because you are the police. Stay Safe!

  5. congratulation for such kind of bravery work done,.keep it up.

  6. Wonderful job, salute to your bravery and courageous work, stay safe may God protect you………a friend of mine is in desperate need of that wig he is burning under the sun in the Badakhshan boarder..

    Now Rose

  7. ZAREEN : Wonderful Effort & Exterem Bravery, Have a Healthy, Safe & Happy Life. GoooD Luck

  8. Congratulations to Ms Zareen for her bravery and dedication. Such incidents are not so frequent with police officers, and this is significant.

    Also congtats to Sultan Khan for his bravery achievement in writing this story. It is wonderful, if Sultan is really in his teenage (8th class).

  9. Bravoo, Voch

    You have made us proud.

    We salute your courage and dedication

    Your Xiryan

  10. Excellent job! dear Zareen.We are proud of you and your bravery achievements. A very smart “SALUTE” to you on your great achievements.

  11. Excellent Baji.keep it up, And go ahaead.

    salute fro your achivement.


  12. Dear Zareen you have made proud all of us. Our prays and best wishes are always with you… We hope to see brave girls like you more in North Pakistan…
    from yahya khan’s family.
    Be safe..

  13. Well Done!
    I admire and congratulate her for being so brave..Keep it up.

    Almas Fatima

  14. fantastic job aunti. very well done and wish you all the best for the future.

  15. great effort
    there iz one more job left!!!
    Guess what?
    Give him a slap on his head.


  16. Dear sister

    This proves your dedication and commitment to the profession you are relate to, I remember that despite of huge resistance from the family to join this sophisticated profession, as you were the first females from the area, but today your accomplishments made us proud to have a sister like you,

    God bless you

    Javaid Ali Khan

  17. Miss Zareen..!!!!

    Well done, fantastic job. We all are proud of you,

    Except Naeem jan, can he tells me if this is not good job, then what is the right job he thinks……I think if you cannot appreciate you don’t have the right to discourage.

    Malang jon

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