Gilgit - Baltistan

In remembrance of the role of Sighez kor, Ghulkin in local education

Photo: Zulfiqar

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  1. Thanks Zulfiqar to remind us our school life, it has played an important role in our early education when pencil was not available, i remeber that time when we ware using Sekhez with Sot (Silat), both ware localy available in evey village.

    In Geographical term its called sedimentry rock, the layers formed by the fine metials diposited by stream or river.

  2. And We used to ask our collegues to bring Sghez for making Dawat.

    I would like to thank my collegues from Sisooni, Rahmat Ali Khan, Ghulam Nasir, and Bakhsh Dil Khan, without their help it was hard to get it


  3. Sekhez kor should be remembered as part of resources that has contributed in the education development of the area. Not only education it has been in use for other purposes as well for a long time, even now it is used as a mortar for dildong and it is also used as a plaster for wall because it has the properity of making good and strong water paste.

  4. A very interesting thing brothers.Believe you me I was wondering about the word sighez kor.
    Keep adding such beautiful commemorates.

  5. Don’t forget seghaz koor had a great part in our cultural constructions and home decor in the surrounding villages, still is isn’t it.


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