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Gulmit: Affected people have announced blocking of KKH from today

GulmitTrucks passing through the newly constructed road. Photo: Zaheer Bari

Our Correspondent 

Gulmit, December 22: Local people in Gulmit, the Tehsil headquarters of Gojal Valley, have announced to block a newly constructed road, an alternate to the Karakoram Highway linking Gulmit with Hussaini village in the upper Hunza region, from tomorrow. The road blockade will lead to suspension of delivery of goods brought from China. It had been constructed after the submergence of KKH in the dammed Hunza River.

The affected people maintain that their land was used without following the legal formalities and without compensating to the people for the loss of land.

The role of Gilgit-Baltistan Chamber of Commerce and its president Javed Hussain is being criticized for constructing the road illegally even before the tenders were out.

It is pertinent to note that the tenders for construction of the road were published in regional papers at least one month after the road had been constructed.

The local people told this scribe that the finance minister Muhammad Ali Akhtar had promised to compensate the loss of land but failed to deliver on his promise, forcing them to take this step.

8 thoughts on “Gulmit: Affected people have announced blocking of KKH from today

  1. It was very much clear at the time of construction of this road that the socalled Chamber of Commerce, the real smugglers’ intend was to fool the people and cross their smuggled goods using the CRBC as shield but the local people did not listened and resultantly the land were destroyed without any compensation. It is time to fight for their right and block the smugglers until the affactees have not been fully paid and KKH is open. The Chief Minister is the biggest advocate of the smugglers and at every steps he projects the losses of the smugglers because he is also involved in smuggling. The recent judgment of banking court is evident that the big defaulters / smugglers such as Muhammad Ali Akhter, Mirza Hussain, Muhammad Ali Qaid , Javed Hussain and Saleem Khan etc etc are out of the punishment and poor people of Gojal have been arrested. These culprits want to destroy our land and earn more and more money.

  2. i dont think local people have done a good thing while blocking KKH. Where they were when the link road is started. i think local people are being used by others for their own purposes. this may be game of one or two persons for their own purposes not for the effected people of gulmit.

  3. With apologize by nature wakhi people are light thinker, they always believe in the shining Sun of the day never think about the expected cloudy day of tomorrow. From day one our cry and apprehensions was the same that the Government will not solve our expected problems they will betray the people with their speeches. we are going to celebrate its third anniversary with unsolved problems, frustration and disappointment of the government attitude towards the public affairs.there is only one way to solve the problems that is unity of the people for their basic rights. we are always supporting your demands and hope to continue your struggle to get your rights.

  4. Respected members of legislative Assembly of GB Hunza- Nagar ward ( Speaker wazir baig sab, Mutabat Shah, Muhammad Ali akhter and Mirza hussain sahib! What is happening with these disaster hit and already affected people of Gulmit Gojal Hunza. Why are you not supporting these affected people? By whom they should approach. Is this a solution to compel them to sit on the road or block the roads? Have you any idea of its repercussions. Please coordinate with local administration or revenue department to legalize the land compensation or convince & motivate the affectees if any alternate option or solution is available. As guardians and custodians of Hunza- Nagar region you should play your role and restore the trust of the area people.

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