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People’s Rights Movement holds rally in Islamabad

Islamabad, 5th December 2008 – Dozens of political activists, students, trade unionists and ordinary citizens held a protest demonstration at Aabpara chowk on the call of the People’s Rights movement (PRM) against the MQM’s alleged campaign of ethnic cleansing in Karachi and also demanded an end to the indiscriminate military operation being conducted in FATA and NWFP which is compelling hundreds of thousands of innocents to flee. The protestors wore black bands on their mouths, ears and eyes as a commemoration of the silent suffering of the Pakhtoon refugees and chanted vociferous slogans against American imperialism, the military establishment, Altaf Hussain and the so-called ‘Taliban’.  
Speaking on the occasion Aasim Sajjad of PRM said that many who have fleed the military operation have made their way to Karachi where they have been subject to a new terror in the form of the MQM’s pogroms in Pakhtoon neighbourhoods. He said that the ‘war on terror’ has been brought to Karachi and here again under the guise of ‘Talibanisation’, ordinary people are being targeted.

Speaking on the occasion, Alia Amirali said that the media took on the MQM after 12 May 2007 but on this occasion it has not exposed the blatant terror being spread by MQM goons. She said that in much the same way ordinary people in Punjab simply do not realize the extent of the atrocities being  committed against Pakhtoons in the form of major aerial bombardment. She said that it is telling that in spite of the military operation, the so- called ‘Taliban’ continue to get stronger and stronger while the whole region is taken further and further away from peace.  
Speaking on the occasion, known social activist Jehangir Akhtar said that the intelligence agencies created the MQM and have subjected Karachi to its wrath for over 2 decades. He said that it is unfortunate the elected government has accommodated an organization such as the MQM in spite of its clear crimes against humanity. He said that until and unless forces challenge the military establishment and its civilian cronies, there could be no peace or prosperity for ordinary people.  
In closing the protestors demanded the immediate extraditing of Altaf Hussain as well as a halt to the military operation and complete disengagement with the so-called ‘war on terror’.  

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  1. It is really tragic situation coz thousands of people from NA are resided in Karachi, As we all know that the targeted firing incident on Northern Areas people were due to misunderstanding as we look like pukntoons, Although it should be stoped as it has destablized the whole country. I would suggest that any activity/protest should not be highlighted on any open public forums, which will bring more misries to the people of Northern Areas residing in Karchi city. God bless all.

  2. Yes, the color resemblance is one of the reasons of killing the innocents. However, all the killings may not be declared as indiscriminate as we have instances of killing of our students in the past because of their connection with political and religio-political parties.

    We condemn this merciless bloodshed in Karachi, which took so many innocent lives. However, if it is premised that our students or non students are targeted due to their involvement is political, religious, and religio-political parties/associations, then we share the responsibility to an extent, if not equally.

    May God show a path to our political, religious, religio-political, and ethnic associations, which is of peace, progress, love, unity, and tolerance.

    May God give the power and wisdom to our government to produce such leaders from these platforms —student unions which she allowed— who can lead this nation to the destination they dream for, who can preach unity, love, and progress.


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