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“Community Based Disaster Risk Management Training and awareness raising programme for the Communities of Ghulkin, Hussaini and Passu”

Field trainings at Hussaini suspension bridge

 The WWF-Pakistan organized a community-base disaster risk management training and awareness programme from November 18-27 for the community activists of Ghulkin, Hussainin and Passu in collaboration with UNDP Pakistan, Northern Areas Disaster Management Authority and through DIPECHO funding programme, under the Regional GLOF Risk Reduction Initiative for the Himalayas. 

The training course was held from 18-22 in Hussaini whereas school based awareness raising program were held from November 23-27 in all schools of Gulkin. Hussaini and Passu. Around 50 participants representing village emergency response teams, CBOs and LSOs of Ghulkin, Hussaini and Passu participated in the training sessions. The programme aims at enhancing disaster resilience in GLOF prone communities through awareness raising and skill development in basic SAR and first aid tools. The training course was designed in particular to raise awareness in local communities about disaster risks and their management, assess the impact of past GLOF events on lives, livelihoods and infrastructure. It was also intended to have the community members trained in skills such as Hazard, Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (HVC) so that they are able to prepare in advance for disasters.

During this five days awareness and capacity building program participants were oriented with the basic terminologies of disaster risk management and planning. On the basis of risk, vulnerability and capacity assessment some structural and non structural measures were identified during the training by participants, who were also taken to the adjacent glaciers to raise their understanding of the potential threats.

Village level disaster planning exercises were also carried out during the workshop. Village elders, religious council members and local administration personal were involved during the planning session.

At the end of the training course, certificates were distributed among the participants. Management staff and representative of UNDP were also present at the ceremony. Awareness raising and visibility material was distributed along with the certificates. The project will also distribute SAR and first aid tool kits to the emergency teams.

During the school based awareness raising programme the students and teachers were given orientation on disaster related basic concepts and terminologies. Multimedia presentations, question answer sessions, discussion, individual, pair and group work were adopted as key approaches during these sessions with all private schools in Hussaini, Ghulkin and Passu. The sessions and activities highlighted the impact of disasters on lives, livelihoods and ecosystems from students’ perspective. Students took keen interest in the designed activities and actively participated in writing stories on some of the disasters occurred recently in their respective villages and showing the situation of pre- and post disaster scenarios. 

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  1. Great to see disaster risk managment training in our area, congratulations and cheers to the organisers and to the participants. Well done

    Almaty Kazakhstan

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