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Economic Affairs Division and Chinese Embassy approve relief items for upper Hunza, Gojal

Wazir G. Nasir

Islamabad, December 9: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs Division and the prime minister secretariat have approved provision of Chinese relief items for the disaster affected people of upper Hunza, including Gojal Valley, Attabad and other disaster affeced villages.

According to a letter sent to the Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan, the Economic Affaris Division has asked for a “firm proposal,

Shahbaz Khan holding discussions with Li Shaotong Counsellor Economic and Commercial at Embassy of the People Republic of China

indicating the mechanism for delivery of goods to the affected population, in a transparent manner”.

Copies of communications between President House (public), Speaker GBLA, Ministry of Climate Change, GBDMA and the Economic Affairs Division (EAD), have also been attached with the letter sent to the Chief Secretary, seeking a “quick response”.

Raja Shahbaz Khan, former GBLA candidate and former member of District Council Gilgit, told this reporter that he has held a detailed meeting the Economic Affairs Councilor of the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad on the matter. He said that the relief items will be dispatched from China after approval from the Chief Secretary.

People in the Gojal Valley remain stranded since January4, 2010, when a huge landslide near Attabad had blocked the Hunza River gorge and destroyed a portion of the Karakoram Highway.

29 thoughts on “Economic Affairs Division and Chinese Embassy approve relief items for upper Hunza, Gojal

  1. Mr.Shahbaz is doing his great efforts for his people, indeed. But where are the other political icons of the region, they are disavowing from their responsibilities. In upcoming elections people should cast their vote to the right candidate

  2. This package is part of the $ 5 million donated by Chinese government for the people of Gojal valley through the government of Pakistan . Why some so called leaders of the region are trying get the credit for personal gain. why the Pamir Times publish the news by it’s correspondence without verification?

  3. I do agree with A.Rehman..we know the past of Shabaz when he was the candidate..he did’t deliver nothing.he is just to gain credit for the next election.the question is that if even the govt of pakistan did’t approve it how can a non elective person go thru this..the GB govt distributed millions of rupees in the effected areas.why should not we appreciate this….??

  4. Our leaders should ask the chinies gov to teach us catch fish rather than asking for fish for one day!!

  5. Mr. Rehman Alvi is a Jeyala of People party, i always see his post and comments that he never accept any other leader of the area except his Party Leader. Mr. Rehman Alvi have Zero Contribution during the disaster and before for the area. Our elected members are like a stone that nothing they can do, we appreciate Mr. Shebaz that he is struggling for the people and the area. thanks Raja Shebaz

  6. I agree with A.Rahman Alvi people are searching for such kind of events to make themselves popular among the people. it is a country to country decision and favour of the Chains government to help the people. we are thankful to them not to other people who are again preparing for another corruption. The people of Gojal must request to our neighbour country to provide us professional skills that we could make ourselves stable through hard work.

  7. The package has been announced by Chinese government, letter has received by Chief Secretary and GBLA members and putting a picture of someone meeting Chinese Economic Affairs Councilor does not make sense… i think… is it ??????????????
    I think the request for provision of relief to affectees of Attabad landslide may have been sent by Chielf secretary or GBLA members so they received the response….
    i think PT should try to give more detail….

  8. we have no any party and every party is our party…….. The one who plays his minor role for the betterment of our region at his personal capacity is likely to be appreciated just come out of this useless so called PARTIES. think of ur homeland interest and the prosperity of your people.

  9. Personally I don’t believe these leaders, it’s unfortunate we call them LEADERS , I agree Dr. Alvi comments, its country to country decision to provide relief to a disaster hit area, we should be careful not allow any body to gain loyalty for an individual’s to provide and post a picture with Press release to became a hero or a leader

    Please play a role to be a true leader

  10. Atleast we should appraciate shahbaz that from last few months he is taking pictures with the chines delegations and others officials and getting attention of the public .secondly they have personal interest with the chines delegation becasue without them they can run their business.There is a bunch of people who are with shahbaz and they do business with them.So one should understand their priority is not public.Off course they will give business their priority.90% is personal interest and 10% is Public.

    if i am not worng.



    United Arab emirates

  11. read baad e shumal and business times with your open mind if you are really loyal to your area ….
    Economic affair rejected to give any relief to the area but its some 1 effert to meet the the high notch to get the relief …
    if you are loyal do it if you can if you are allowed to talk with high notch you all just able to talk not able to do , talking inside home is very easy come out if you are really loyal

  12. We are going in a useless discussion here and blaming each other that for me seems unfortunate. We are already passing through a crises situation and this is the responsibility of every individual to put his or her effort with grace and integrity. If Shahbaz has done something good this is his duty to do so as an individual of Gojal and there was no need to advertise it on net that seems to be a political matter.
    We should not forget the service of Dr.Rehman Alvi in Post Disaster Medical Camp in Gojal but also his services are always commendable to the patients of Gilgit Baltistan when referred to AKUH Karachi his services are always present in consultation as well financial help to many needy who cannot afford to pay their expenses he is few of the personalities whom many young student will follow.
    Unless we are united and strategize our problems we will be begging and that is not acceptable in a competitive world when opportunities are still there to do something. Why the people of Gojal could not drive a boat instead the owners pay salaries to persons from down country same was the case for laboring in loading and unloading of trade goods from China.
    We are much aware about the role of all political parties during and after Attabad disaster when all big bosses were hiding and isolated from the people it is why that disaster is said to be a manmade disaster when no intervention was in place for four to five months that led to the emergence of the unfortunate lake. we were looking toward China to play her role as KKH is a sign of friendship between the two counties (Pak -China) then General Farooq’s NDMA and FWO desperately drowned our homeland nobody was crying except few youngsters from Gojal residing outside Gojal especially RCMG, as well students voiced against these mafia in all mega cities but who listened them. This is going to be a long story but I will conclude that Unless Gojalies are united for a purpose of rebuilding and revival we will be begging and waiting for MANU SALWA that will be a real disaster in future

    Saleem Riyadh KSA

  13. Yar if some body want to some thing for our area why u people are going against them. be open minded

  14. I just say Mr. Muhammad Aziz Just think before writing….. everybody know about the contribution of so called leaders….

  15. We appreciate Raja Shahbaz efforts but truly speaking approval of relief goods for Gojal is beyond his capacity and approach, this is high level and strategic matter, our politicians should avoid point scoring and short term publicity, I also agree with the comments of Dr. Rehman Alvi.

  16. i totaly agree with Dr. Rehman… we must discourage such so called leaders who exploit such situations in their favor but some how there is great effort by Shebaz…

  17. [News] More than One Corore of Donation By China To Hunza Valley

    JANUARY 19, 2010 1 COMMENT
    GB TIMES report
    A chinese non-profit organization the China Council for International Investment and Promotion (CCIIP) has offered to the administration of Gilgit-Baltistan one million Yuan (amounting to one carore and twenty three lacs  of Pakistani rupees) for the disaster hit area of Hunza.
    In a letter received by Chief Secretary of Giglit-Baltistan by the Pakistan’s ambassador in China Mr. Masood Khan, it is requested to send the details of the requirements of the people of affected people of the Attabad land sliding which has caused the blockage of Huzna River.
    people of Hunza considered the generous donation to be a goodwill gesture from the Chinese friends and brothers. However the public representatives have criticized the action of Masood Khan, Pakistan’s Ambassador in China for bypassing the Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan and trying to pass the funds through Chief Secretary. Many observers are of the view that it is a gross violation of protocols and procedure of business between the two countries regarding initiatives of public good.

  18. Every persons knows that Mr Shahbaz Khan is son in law of the Governor GB peer Karam Ali Shah . . so the realty and the back stage drama is again the same as previously played between Shahbaz Khan and his uncle Ghazanfar Alli Khan on the ground of GOJAL. THE SAME TOOL and THE SAME TECHNIQUE . where Shahbaz Khan is concerned. He is a good conductor between the boarder.

  19. My dear Gojalians.
    Every one is in the queue to get a high name. A suppressed, oppressed and probably a vision less nation really deserves this. We know better that we are now beggars and on the mercy of Foreign Affairs, GB Govt, China Embassy, NDMA, etc etc. As Gojali nation at large we failed to protect our values, dignity and right despite an educated people. Now it not matters that the beggary come through a Raja, a Wazir, a Mir, a Peer or a Shah. A bagger have no choice but to accept.

  20. Neither i belong to any party nor i’m defending anyone but honestly speaking Shehbaz has a great contribution in providing this relief to the people of gojal. I’ve myself seen the evidence which clearly proves shehbaz’s effort. Besides all the previous comments posted by our so called professionals clearly proves that even being educated they still have no logic behind their arguments. Shehbaz khan truly deserves the best and i wish he will continue his efforts. We are proud of you Raja sahab!

  21. we appreciate the efforts of raja shahbaz during the disaster, and recently his efforts make it possible to approve the relief package for Gojal..
    where is the PPP summit leadership who just rise a huge slogan at the time of election but the four year performance is in front of public.

  22. it is matter of shame that some people are criticizing rather than appreciating the efforts made by raja shabaz khan. if we do not in a position to do something for the area so we should not pass irresponsible and blind comments to somebody. Please appreciate those people who are at least making efforts for giving relief for the region.

  23. Seems Raja Shehbaz is preparing for up coming Ghost election, which he will never be able to contest or win ..LOL …..using Pamirtimes as his election tool who knows Pamirtimes has got some bones to help him out 🙂
    I am not so shocked reading some …….. of Aziz Mohd and others commentators because if a person looses dignity then all these one can expect..
    Everyone is well aware of selfless contribution of Dr. Rehman to the people of the area.
    I am amazed they way PT has distorted the fact seems got some big chunk

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