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Massacre near Nanga Parbat: IG and Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan suspended

Islamabad: Chaudhary Nisar, Federal Interior Minister, has suspended the Inspector General of Police and Chief Secretary, reacting to the massacre of nine foreign tourists and their Pakistani guide near the base camp of Nanga Parbat mountain. He made the announcement today while addressing the national assembly.

He said that the security lapse will be investigated and the causes will be found out.

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  1. This is a brutal act, and all shades of society need to condemn this attack on tourists. Immediate investigation and nabbing the culprits with zero tolerance.

    The Government was claiming providing security to tourists and especially Chinese workers in the area, and this seems a serious security lapse. The GB Government need to setup a special tourist safety and protection force with all resources on their disposal including prevention, preparedness and rapid response and rescue.
    Community policing in in key tourist destination needs to be promoted in collaboration with tourism industry operators..

  2. Very tragic, indeed.

    I fail to understand Why this region is being pushed back to stone-age? This Great Game-II is being fielded in Diamer and Gilgit because these areas provide best fertile environment. Inhabitants of the region are paying cost for the game but despite being aware, feel helpless and hapless.

    This beautiful region which is contributing with its natural and human resources of very strategic value to the economy of the country, is being pushed to become a sore. All the economic means are being abolished for the inhabitants so that they flee the area and leave it for new Occupants and Conquerors.

    Is there still time to gather, unite and talk looking into the eyes of the Big Powers and their Servants and ask them to change their battlefield somewhere else???

  3. Sorry Amin Beg. None of the measures you want will work. Untill the right powers decide to act. there is no need for new forces. There is a need for resolve. And courage to face the terrorists

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