Gilgit - Baltistan

Gunmen kill Director Agriculture NAs.

Abdul Waheed during a workshop on December 17, in Gilgit

Left to right: Abdul Waheed during a workshop on December 17, in Gilgit

by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

 Gilgit, Dec 26:  Unidentified gunmen shot dead Abdul Waheed , Director Agriculture department Northern Areas with three other family members. According to sources, his car came under attack near Ampery Gilgit. Wahid’s daughter and two relatives also died in the attack.

The law and order situation in Gilgit is now normal and police hs tightened the security measures to avoid any other incident before the start of Moharam.  

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  1. thankyou to give me a chance for comments.i would like to talk about the new situation of gilgit terrorism.the people of gilgit hate the sectorism. but it is external infeltrarion to destroy the pakistan internally and also produce the seeds of hates in the heart of the people of the northren area of pakistan since 62 years pakistani govtment ignore the northren area to give the rights. so we are not in faver of this terrorissm and also we are going to protest that arrest the criminals of abdul wahi director of agriculture and give him the puneshment of killdeath.and we have need freedom.

  2. hello sir,

    first i will say happy new year 2009, then i am very happy to find on net and to be aware of the our region, as being from Hunza Na i am always intresting to have some news and i am happy to know that the region is develppoing fastly.

    i introduce my self that i am from hunza, khizerabad and i am living in france since a couple of years, it does not matter where ia m living , i will say thanks to give some news on net while the national news papers , not alot about NA’s.

    thanks onec again, and i wsih you all the best.

    safi baig

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