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KADO website provides link to Pamir News Blog

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Official website of Karakuram Development Organization has included Pamir News Blog under its “Knowledge Manageemnt” section.

To access PNB from KADO’s website, type and click on the Knowledge Management link.

We appreciate KADO’s support in this regard.

Team Pamir Times

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  1. Dear team of the Monitoring Desk—-

    Was there any special reason of co mix of Pamire with KADO. I personally didn’t agree if any very strong logic, u d u people like to share, No doubt both the Names have their impacts and impression so I want to spreate both and for God sake don’t mix TURNIP and POTATO the dish will not attract many-

  2. Nears and Dears!

    I would like Pamir Times having its own distinct identity rather than being an annex of another organization of institution. putting it under the KADO knowledge management tab will limit its openness and loudness. It will bring your efforts under the monitoring lance of KADO management and board. KADO must concentrate on KKH. Let it remain an independent voice of the people of GB.

    Aejaz Karim
    International Center for Religion and Diplomacy
    Washington, DC

    I dont think so that pamir times is only representing GOJAL. If members there are from gojal doesnt mean it. It is open for all belong to HUNZA and u have definately find newz there all from HUNZA isntead Gilgit Baltistan. So no neend to say why KADO has given space for PAMIR TIMES ……

  4. Dear Aejaz and others,

    PT is an independent venture and KADO has no intention to influnce it. The only objective of KADO is to facilitate the journay towards a knowledge-based society.

    KADO has a knowledege management component having differen projects like KKH Journal, Media Production Units etc . During 2006 KADO was intending to initiatite an online news blog. The same time as a result of a short training in KADO i developed with the support of young professioals and students. At that time there were many individul blogs of students studying in different cities but for the first time started to update news and photos on daily basis from Hunza while using the facilities of KADO. Ths success also motivated KADO to avoid initiate a new blog rather to facilitate such independent venture.

    For this reason i think KADO also has a role in the evolution of PT. PT has set a footstep for other such initiatives now.

  5. Dear All

    Although Zulfiqar has ably replied to some frank queries of our valued readers, I think the queries are genuine and demand serious attention.

    Being an open community of logical thinkers and doers Pamir News Blog, at all costs, shall maintian its independent status.

    Unlike the websites of Hasegawa Memorial Public School (E-School), website of Altit Village (E-village), AC HUNZA, HUNZA GALLARY (a single artist’s work???) and many others, diplayed at the official website of KADO, Pamir News Blog and/or Pamir Times are not sponsored/constructed/inspired/initiated by KADO. The distinction has to be maintained and asserted.

    Having said that, let me cordially appreciate and thank KADO for linking PNB to its website because;

    1) It has increased the readership of Pamir News Blog.
    2) It has recognized PNB as a representative of entire Hunza Valley
    3) It shows that our editorial policy and quality are successfull and
    4) It inspires us to do more
    5) It is in the strategic interest of the knowledge society that we want to create in Hunza Valley, rest of Gilgit – Baltistan and the entire world, through such small initiatives.

    To the readers, contributors and supporters, I would repeat that ownership of this blog rests with the founders, the readers, the contributors and the supporters who are present throughout the world.

    Pamir News Blog will not function according to the whims of any other organization.

    Noor Muhammad
    Founding Chief Editor

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