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Imran Khan meets religious leaders in Astore, condemns terrorism

Astore: Imran Khan addressing local people at a Masjid

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Gilgit: PTI Chief, Imran Khan, today visited Astore District of Gilgit – Baltsitan. He went to the mosques of the Shia and Sunni sects and held discussions with the religious leaders.

He also went to the houses of people killed by terrorists in Naran valley to sympathize with their relatives.

Speaking on the occasion Chairman PTI condemned these horrific attacks and said that only sick people or those given a special task to divide the nation can be so callous as to brutally kill unarmed people. He held the government responsible for these tragedies and felt that despite repeated incidents of this nature, it has failed to protect the citizens of this country.

He also held meetings with PTI’s leaders and workers in Astore.

He later returned to Skardu via the Deosai plains, from where he headed back to Islamabad on Jahangir Tareen’s private chopper.

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