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Aejaz nominated for two special distinctions from Brandeis University

By: Zulfiqar

Aejaz Karim has been nominated for two special distinctions from the Conflict Resolution departmentaejaz of Brandeis University, Boston USA. He has been declared the first Pakistani and Muslim graduate who received Slifka fellowship at Brandeis Conflict Resolution department. Aejaz and Shazia have been declared the first Conflict Resolution Couples.

Aejaz, after completing Master, in Coexistence and Conflict, is affiliated with International Centre for Religion and Diplomacy in Washington DC as a Project Coordinator, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. Shazia is currently pursuing MA in Coexistence and Conflict with specialisation in Aid Conflict and Development.

Aejaz Karim is an active member of PT family and is also moderating a social network for Wakhi people as

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  1. conratulations Aejaz bahi …we are really proud of you and .you desrve it . best of luck

  2. It is indeed a pleasure to have some one from the beautiful valley reaching for the stars!!

  3. Congratulations Ejaz, Really good news. But is’nt this a very premature news?? as this is nomination only. We all would love to congratulate you once you have been awarded.


    Qasim Shah

  4. Many Many Congratulations Aijaz & Shazia! We are proud of people like you who earn recognition to our community and area. Keep it up….

    With best wishes,
    ali & fatima

  5. Aejaz has proven time and again that dedication, hard work, an unflinching belief in ones abilities and an unyielding commitment to ones cause can take one to great heights. Aejaz is indeed a real role model for our young students. I am sure Aejaz and Shazia will achieve more accolades in future and all my best wishes are with them.

  6. congratulation dear lop lol nd bhabi ,,, m proud of u ,v all are praying for u////

  7. Congratulations for your achievement. In a world ravaged by all sorts of conflict originating from calsh of religious values, to economic and political problems the need for professional expertise in conflict resolution mechanisms is ever more important. We the people of Gilgit-Baltistan who have sometimes been vicitism of sectarain violence would certainly need professional advice of people like Aejaz and others who would help in negotiating peaceful resolutions to persistent problems.

    ali al-Hakim

  8. Congratulations Aejaz for your excellent achievement. keep it up.
    Sajjad/ Samina
    Riyadh – KSA

  9. Congratulation Aejaz & Bhabi ! Nominating for two special distinctions from the Conflict Resolution Department of Brandies University, Boston, this is a good new for us. We appreciate and hope that you will achieve your objectives/goal in the near future.

    Well done Aejaz.

  10. Well done Aejaz, congratulations Xik’s are proud of you.

    Ghulam Ahmed
    Australia (brisbane)

  11. Congratulations Ejaz and Shazia,,, great achievement all the best for your brighter future.

    Aziz and Sadia

  12. Dear Aejaz and Bahbi,
    Heartiest congratulations for your brilliant performance and achievements for both of you and your family members. I do hope our youth will follow your footsteps for scholarships/fellowship in various prestigious universities of the globe and all of us are anxious to hear from you about your success stories.

    Thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  13. Aejaz, Shazia,

    Splendid, Superb … all superlatives. Congratulations. We are all proud of your achievements thus far and pray for many more such accomplishments in life.

    Keep the hard work up.

    Mutabiat Shah, Islamabad

  14. Congrates Ejaz bhai for this great acchivenment,we are proud of you,wish you all the best.

  15. Dear Aejaz,

    I am happy to hear this great news. its realy an honor for us to have a good and talented friend who always worked hard and many of the times you proved to be a hard working man.
    keep on dear…..and leave a trail for others to walk on.

    WWF-P, Gilgit

  16. Thanks for all your sweet words, well wishes and prayers… I am really touched by each and every message…… i am thankful to Hazar Imam on this eve.

  17. congratulation papa and shazia: u did a fantabolous job. keep it up.. may God be with you in each and every step forward.
    shahnila and sherzaman

  18. Great achievments dear, we are really proud of you guys and pray for your success and prosperous life in futur. Well done..

    Almaty Kazakhstan


  20. Congrates bhai n bhabi…..
    We knew u would do it and we really wish and expect the award comes to you…
    Payers n Regards

  21. great Lupyor. You have done a fantistic job. MUBORAK host thover voz babhi yer.
    Gohar Shah

  22. Congratulations Brother. Struggle is the meaning of life which never ends; you really make all of us proud.

    Regards Amir

  23. Congr8s Ejaz bhai nd Shazia aapa……………….wish u all da best…………………

  24. Dear Ejaz,

    It is very nice to know that you are burning your nights oli on such and important and urgent issue of our time. I wish you all the best and looking forward to see your contribution to make the world a better place for all of us.

    Abbas Ali

  25. Dear Ejaz and Shazia, you have done always struggle and you have proved it. Congrate suprer sukoun! best wishes for future

    Noorkhan and Shehnaz

  26. Dear Aejaz & Shazia

    Congatulations for the wonderful achivement
    Hunza xik proud of you

  27. Eajaz baye. congratulation to you and my respectable teacher Ibatath Shah his guidance and your own hard work enable you to get this enormous goal.

    So dear keep it up as it is very challanging to compete in the developed world as compare to the developing world.

    Ali Masud


  28. Dear brother,
    First of all I would like to regret for not wishing you earlier. It is really a moment of great happiness for all of us seeing you flying in the immense sky and touching the apex of progress.

    It is really a source of inspiration for the young blood having you mounting the ladder of success with great consistency and determination.

    I hope and wish to have you serving the community for better future prospects.

    I wish you all the very best for your future assignments.


    Aslam Ghalib

  29. conratulation for all; of wakhi people in the world,i appraciat from all of responssibility of this site,specialy or many thanks from Ajaz sab good luk and god with you.
    warm Regards
    M.Pana Noori

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