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Shimshal to launch Golden Jubilee Band soon


By: Zulfiqar

Hunza, March 14: The training session to launch the Golden Jubilee Pipe Band, Shimshal is in final stages. The training was started during January and will end during the last week of March. Shimshal is the third village in Gojal to form Golden Jubille band after Ghulkin and chipurson.

Senior trainers from Silver Jubilee Band, Gulmit are voluntarily conducted the training session.

Pictures: Abdul Hameed, NREW Productions

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  1. We must appreciate the level of spirit and enthusiasm for learning, in such an extreme weather condition.

  2. Congratulations … Shimshal Jamat for establishing GJ band Shimshal. I would also like to appreciate the generous contribution by Bahi Abdul Hameed and friends form Silver Jubilee Band Gulmit to facilitate trainings sessions for the novice team. I pray for the future success of G.J band Shimshal,

    Keep it up

    Thanks and regards
    Sharif khan

  3. We are thankful to the trainers from Gulmit for providing their services, its really a great pleasure for all of us belong to Shimshal. Congratulations to the participants and guys just keep it up, nice to see you all in such an adventrous band practice.

    Almaty Kazakhstan

  4. Positive activities and a volunteer service are the strength of our community. The enthusiasm among the young to learn pipes in a sever cold weather is crystal clear. We appreciate the youth from Shimshal as well as the instructors from Gulmit village who are conducting this course purely on honorary basis.

    Hope this band will display their performance in the coming saligrah and people like us in down city would get an opportunity to enjoy themselves. I would like to suggest that there should be a competition among the pipe bands to promote the music in youths.

    Mahboob Lahore

  5. congratulation 2 Gulmit band, yes this is over unity and faith we prof we are belong to the great community it’s over terdion to give the message of peace so it’s time to arange such this tipe of programme becaue some of us going to the wrong way and we fight each othere and then end is nothing just lost every things so my dear borthers it’s the operchinty which we are

    lossing day by day so weak up and see how we can manage it

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