Rumina Velshi – An Ismaili nuclear engineer


Rumina Velshi
Title: Director of Planning and Controls for the Darlington Nuclear New Project
Company: Ontario Power Generation


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  1. Why You ppl are projecting only Ismailis?You should be broad minded but what i feel here is that all of you are self-projecting Gojal and Ismailis.

  2. @ Athar

    I appreciate your candid expression. The reasons are;

    1. More than ninety percent of PT readers belong to Hunza/Gojal, a pre-dominently Ismaili region

    2. It is important to project personalities who have achieved differently. And i just thougth that is not common for women to be in Nuclear engineering in our part of the world. So, this might inspire some young mind to opt for peaceful use of nuclear energy.


  3. Struggle leads you to become leader whatever you are so struggle for your vision and become leader of this great community of Ismailis

    Rehmat Karim


  4. It is a marvelous achievement.Rumina is a tremendous role model for all young Muslim women. We have to realize our potentials and enhance our knowledge so that one day we can stand in the queue of leading a population towards a better world and play our part in the development of humanity.

  5. Rumina… we are all proud of you may mowla fullfill your all wishes and protect you for future….

  6. Apart from Ismaili community evry women should be proud of her. She is a role model for every women and she says to girls aspiring into any job, and quotes Eleanor Roosevelt: “A woman is like a tea bag, you don’t know how strong she is until she gets thrown into hot water.” Just like setting and pursuing goals, do not underestimate your potential and look for opportunities that push you outside your comfort zone.


  7. Excellent paredgim for all of our community and especially for the women. I appericate and honor your position.

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