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[Lesson learnt] How many SIMs are registered in your name?

by Shah Zaman

I was subscribed to four mobile phone companies, including Ufone, Telenor and Warid.  When I recently visited Head office of a renowned telecom company, located at walking distance from our office, I showed them my CNIC and asked them to let me know the number of connections that were registered in my name. I was really surprised to hear that 12 numbers were registered in my name. I informed them that 08 numbers had been issued illegally, without my consent. They blocked all those SIMs after examining my original CNIC.

I conveyed this information and experience to all my office colleagues. The result was 60 unauthorized SIMs; issued in their names without their consent, approval and knowledge.

The relevant question that arises is how and why this happened?

There may be number of reasons but initially I have been informed by the telecom officials that franchise offices and sales centre do not take care in this regard and possibilities of misusing customer’s CNIC are always open. They further informed me that such kinds of practices were common during the last many years but now are strictly regulated by PTA and Telecom Companies in liaison with NADRA, with effect from February 01, 2009. Further PTA has taken few strict measures and has been able to block around 11 million unauthorized SIMs.

It’s really unfortunate that telecom companies spent millions of rupees in their advertising and sales promotion but hesitate to spend a single penny on public safety precautionary measures and awareness among public about its possible misuse.

All of you are well aware about the ongoing Law and Order situation. What will happen if such unauthorized numbers are used for some illegal activity?

It’s my advice to all the readers and my fellow members to check if there is any unauthorized SIM being used in their name as it may create problems for them if used in some illegal activity.

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  1. Thank you Zaman for your realistic contribution, I hope every one reading this message will be very much careful while giving their CNIC copy or number to anyone. Great work man..


  2. what Shah Sb hz written about his experience is of reality and corruption like these are takong place at a high rate in our area specially in Gojal and we have to be aware of these things and a least check the sales center to confirm issues like these. the next case may be in ur name.. so be carefull about that.

  3. Shah Zaman, Thanks for highlighting this very genuine issue which is quite serious as these days these Mobile SIM widely misused.

    It is advisable that everyone should check the number of unauthorized SIM issued by the mobile phone companies to safeguard against their potential misuse.

    It is very serious as we all know the use of SIM Cards by terrorists in various ways and one could be very seriously implicated if an unauthorized SIM was used.

  4. really nice. i think we must consider this issue coz we became addict of such things but we damn care about . any how its nice appraoch we need to take care of such things.
    keep going dude

  5. Good point raised by Shah Zaman. It is really amazing if this could happen. But, I presume that the mobile companies & franchises may themselves be involved in this crime just to protect their customer base after PTA’s announcement to block the unregistered number. Otherwise, how 10-12 people can have access to someones CNIC with that much ease?

  6. thank you shah bai for your kind information
    i just want to know that from where we can get this information about SIMs.? from all mobile companies or what??

  7. Thanks Shah Zaman; really a good work and proper action, proving your being a responsible citizen.

    Corruption and all other forms of misdeeds crop up in a society where all the citizens or majority don’t share their real experiences within their social circles at least. Prevention and elemination of evils from society are subsequent actions.

    Hope we all take a lesson from Shah Zaman’s action.


  8. very informative news dont how many of us are in the same situation and we must inquire about our SIMs i apperciade the efforts of Shah Zaman for sharing such good news…..

    Dee Kay

  9. Thanks Mr.Zaman for sharing with us such a real experience…………..i really Appreciate ur work which you have done…..

  10. Shah Sb,
    Thanks for highlighting such key issue; all of us should be alert for this! And check the concern mobile companies if any unauthorized SIM is been issued to be the safe side, for Impending mistreatment


  11. Mr. shah zaman has raised a very significant subject, which really matters to the innocent people as the prevailing security situation in the country is worst at all time, so one must be conscious about their CNIC submitted to these companies where, there is indeed a possibility of using your number in the crimes.

    Shahid Ali

  12. In this recent condition of the country where crime is on his peak, its realy shocking that mobile componies are shown irresponsibity.Mr shah realy took searious issue, its impotent that every body should aware of these kind of issues.
    thank Mr Shah

  13. Thank you Mr Shah to aware us obout the serious issue, this kind of issue can creat a big truble for anyone, so every body should check there sim regestratiuon and keep save from any kind of problem.

  14. Dear Shah Bhai,

    Thanks for your valuable contribution and update, keep up your efforts and good thoughs for public safety.


    Didar Ali Khan

  15. The experience u have share is quiet Dramatic,one can not denied this sought of Issues,because these issues will create to many problem for us in near future….Be careful.

  16. Dear Shah Zaman,
    Thanks for sharing, we all should take care about CNIC.
    Shah bano

  17. yah bhai you are realy right this kind of problems in our country has became common issue.we should be aware of such things .thanks for informing us

  18. Dear Shah Zaman,
    Thanks for sharing and highlighting this important issue, with all PT readers. Unfortunately, our country is facing problems in every walk of life. We need to develop citizenship education and one of the best opportunity is to take initiatives of quality ECED centers and hopefully, we will be able to remove this gap at least after 30-40 years rigorous process. However, every citizen can play their active role to stop the evils and corruption, either in governance part or the management side.

    Good wishes and great to hear from you through PT

    Thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  19. absolutely u r right bhae……., this viral disease is spreading in our peacefull area GOJAL, our franchises must be loyal to their services which have been assigned to them.

  20. Dear all,
    as you all have showed your concern over this issue,it is a fact that the national identity card was misused by persons in the past when you were purchasing a SIM from any outlet.
    As i am working in a cellular company(UFONE) as a customer care executive i would like to share some important points with the reader
    Taking into consideration Pakistan Telecomunication Authourity(PTA) from 1st feburary has announced that any SIM you will be purchasing will be in inactive have to dial 789 from the inactive sim and give your information online and your SIM will be activated accordingly on your name. all cellular companies are now activating sim after taking compelete information from the original customer,so you donot need to give your national identity card at any oulet for purchase of sim.
    PTA has also restricted the maximum limit of SIM issued on a id card to you cannot activate more than 10 SIM on your id card.further more every cellular company has given the facility of checking the number of SIM on your have to just visit the sale and service centre(not franchise) of any cellular company with your original id card.they will give you all your information regarding issue of sim on your name.they will block all the numbers on the spot which you are not using.
    IF you need any inforamtion further kindly feel free to contact me on my email id

  21. Lopyour thank you very much. You remind me I forgot to block all those numbers which i was having on my name, i have about 12 to 15 legal numbers in my name the rest i dont know like just you say u have. If you got time bahi check wt i gat on ma name and let me know and i would take action.

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