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[Tragedy at Kargah] Eleven members of a family die in a tragic car accident

Gilgit – Eleven members of a family, including seven children and two women, were killed in a highly tragic car accident in the Kargah Nallah, near Gilgit city.

According to reports retired head constable Karim Khan, a resident of Naikoti ward of the city,  took his family for a picnic in the Kargah Nallah along with some of his relatives and their children. On Sunday evening, at around six O clock, the car while taking a sharp turn in the hilly area lost balance and fell into the Kargah stream.

Two children fell out of the car, sustaining minor injuries. Four dead bodies have been recovered so far while search for the bodies of seven passengers including five children is going on.

It is pertinent to note that Kargah Nallah is a picnic resort for the local people and a very high number of people travel in that area during summers. Unfortunately, no safety railings have been installed on the road despite of its highly dangerous condition.

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  1. It is really unfortunate for the young souls, (Innah-lillah-i-wa inna ileihi rajioun),.

    Tragedies/accidents can happen everywhere around the world but not at that magnitude in the developed word, why? because they try to prepare for (with certain rules and regulations) any biological,physical and chemical hazards, where as we people neglect it and put everything upon God?
    Is it logic???? If not, how to ameleorate it????
    We saw a similar ignorance at the (collapsed) China bridge earlier when three people from Punjab lost their precious life just because of the ignorance of the responsible organization.
    How long will we face this worst style of governance???????
    Isn’t it enough to awake????? When?????

  2. very sad incident. and i feel very sad for the precious lives lost in this incident
    i would request dat plz avoid travelling with you entire families in a single car.and especially in our part of the world.

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