“North Korea conducts nuclear test”, a reaction

A graphic reaction to the North Korean Nuclear test
A graphic reaction to the North Korean Nuclear test

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea defied world powers and carried out an underground test Monday of a nuclear bomb Russian officials said was comparable to those that obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The incident drew condemnation from Washington to Beijing and set the communist regime up for a showdown with the United Nations.


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  1. ……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHUK DE KOREA!!!!!!!!!!! KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U R A SLAP ON D SO CALLED SUPER POWER,,,,,,ZARDARI LEARN FROM HIMMMMMMMMMMMM

  2. that is not the way to display a Presidents photo like that on your home page. do it on fun corner. Norms, values & standard? it counts

  3. North Korea has the right to strenghten itself as has Israel. The picture, however, is disgusting. Is Pamir times promoting American policy? Let America worry about it.

  4. The picture is disgusting because the action was disgusting 🙂 I will react in the same manner to any country “strengthening” itself through building up nuclear arsenals, without showing any concern to the welfare of its down trodden citizens. Kim Jong II is a rogue dictator who is supported by China, for its own strategic gains, against USA.

    Be it Israel or Libya or Pakistan, nations are not strengthened by building up nuclear arsenals. Had that been the case Pakistan would been a very strong nation.

    Nevertheless, I appreciate your opinion. And lastly, kindly don’t label, like Jamat-e-Islami, people as “pro-USA” or US agent 🙂


  5. ………..KIM U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ND BELL IT THAT MUCH,,,,,,,,,EARTH rattles 4 Oh! bama nd BUSH…wellllll done NOOOOOOOOOOOOR 4 THY CREATIVE WORK… be a fan of MR.KIM–HEIGHT DOES NT REALLY MATTER ..


  6. what i think it’s realy a hard time for North korea to survive but these sort of decesions are the final solution for a nation.
    the same case was with Pakistan no one wants to live at risk u have to perfer ur security.
    it’s not gud but a need for that country.

  7. Global atomic reduction needed otherwise world will not even controll technical errors emissions and these accident may kill all the people of the world 6 billion or so except some people may be very far in the mountains and glaciers.Then there will be again some 1 million people on the globe again a new civilization will start.I think it will be the next civilization.

  8. Mr noor guess what???? this world is run on power don’t forget that and if pakistan would not have done that there would have no more pakistan and everybody knows that despite it is very bitter……….I love the spirit of KIM………he is a great leader and would be remembered forever…..

  9. PT needs to act in a reponsible manner, I mean displaying picture of president of a country in this way is certainly disgusting. I totally agree with Karim. Does freedom of expression mean all this??

    After all this is their own problem, As a nation they are proud of becoming a nuclear power, despite the fact that they are going to face very tough time ahead, when there will be even more tougher sanctions on them.

    I am really disappointed over the way PT reacts, Noor is still backing his post, despite the fact that many other readers dislike it. means no say for the readers…

    Lastly, if PT continues this way, I am afraid if people will continue visit your site.


  10. Dear Junaid

    There is say for the readers and that’s why everyone is knowing that people don’t like this post, including you.

    Moreover, what do cartoonists do? Don’t they distort, by sketching, images of the leaders (be them presidents or prime ministers)? Graphic cartoons are the new big things.

    I think PT has reacted very responsbily by candidly prioritizing the cause of the downtrodden over dillusional and fuzzy euphimism of North Korean national pride.

    Also, as global citizens, i don’t agree with the notion of ‘it is their issue’.

    Thank you, nevertheless, for candidly expressing your feelings.


  11. Once upon a time making nuclear bombs was the biggest thing a country could do. But not any more; North Korea’s successful nuclear test provides rock-solid proof. This is a country that no one admires.

    It is unknown for scientific achievement, has little electricity or fuel, food and medicine are scarce, corruption is ubiquitous, and its people live in terribly humiliating conditions under a vicious, dynastic dictatorship. In a famine some years ago, North Korea lost nearly 800,000 people. It has an enormous prison population of 200,000 that is subjected to systematic torture and abuse.

    Read this artilce by Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy

  12. “I will react in the same manner to any country ……………”

    sir react like media institution or organization(PT) not like an individual and start dictating people and thrusting your opinions on others

    cool man, cool

  13. It is really sad that some of Pamir times reader thinks having nuclear bombs make a country super power. I don’t get it, why we poor countries have to have nuclear bomb when 80% people are living in poverty? Did Pakistan get any benefit from nuclear bomb? Did nuclear power Pakistan benefit in any way our North people? Pakistan’s parliament does not even recognize us as Pakistani citizen for 62 years and it is a sad fact that we have no representation in the so called democratically elected parliament.
    Why are we sporting this evil, which only bring disaster to the world, we should all condemn it, doesn’t matter who makes it America, India, Pakistani or so on, it is a waste of money. I support Pamir Time for telling the truth and making us informed about the fact of our society.

    Amina khan New York

  14. @ Karim

    I consider PT readers as mature people who listen to everyone, to fomulate an informed opinion. If you feel insecure, equalizing this harmless graphic to “dictating ideas”, nobody can help it.


  15. it is very displeasing that we still believe, having destructive arsenals,which is contrast to human welfare is right of nations and need of time. the fine example is our dear country,where we have the bombs but we dont’ have butters and more peace,jobs,education ,health and whats else not… tommorrow fight is not of atom bombs,water,food,health and crises are the rise these are chief issues not having bombs ,global warming is more ravages then bombs, need to look after such issue.going after these selfmade hazardous is a complete heeding twoard destroying human existence and peace.
    i completely differ with friends those who say,it is right of N.K. it is no more then a cruel act toward humanity and peace.

  16. @ amina
    i agree on how you dipicted our countries lagging features.i also read H 4 humanity,H 4 harmony and P 4 many others i also detest and condem nuclear weapons as they taste really dead.but when evil approaches hard on 1,it becomes necessary to reply with the same.what N.K done is 4 her own security. Afterall this noble act was initiated by your uncle SSAMM, nd it is reported that Nuclear weapons made so far is enough to destoy the EARTH–7 times.with USA having 60 pecent of total weapon.its then uncle SAM starts dictating other countries nt to have the
    same. N.KOREA has thus created a balance..HATS TO UNCLE KIM S EFFORTS. its first the security one should have,when evils puts security at stake.THIS IS OUR WAY OF REPLY TO YOUR UNCLE SAM,HOPE U CAN MAKE HIM BETTER UNDERSATND BY POCKING THE NEST YOU R LIVING IN.

    Farman it is really sad that you don’t think that I am from Pakistan …like you said my Uncle Sam…. (I don’t remember any uncle of mine name is Sam) but I do understand what u are trying to say. You know we have this habits of our when what ever goes wrong we blame other for it, if we really want to copy uncle same why we Muslim country create things which benefits human kind (we are mad that they destroy our Fatimid empire and after that we are still sleeping) when a nation wants to lead by a 18 year old kid (Belawal Bhutto) or the same corrupted leaders then why blame MY UNCLE SAM for it.
    have ever seen our leader begging money from them then what do you think they will do to our leaders make them slaves for ever……the question is how we can be equal to these countries, not by nuclear bombs but by education and scinece.
    For your information I am not shy to tell the truth sir, when ever I give speech/debate in college I do speak for the people of my country and try to represent my country, then I question myself what is wrong with us, why they are able to take advantage of us, when ever I meet any diplomat from china I wander if we could have only one person who can represent our country like them we would never be in this situation. The America is killing innocent people in Baluchistan but our leaders come here and ask for more money, we are not even able to question them ……….. We are sold out sir, it is not the flat of the person whom buys you, it is the flat the person who gets sold out.
    peace amina

  18. coool down guys…….. we don’t need to worry about NK and his bomb, we should thing of the EDUCTION L BOMB, ECONOMIC BOMB, THE DEVELOPMENTAL BOMB our great GB needs, we should consider and worry about our own local problem before we talk about KIM, OBAMA, North Korea and Amercia…..saying goes lit the light at home before you take it to the mosque…..



  19. “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Benjamin Franklin

  20. @Chill mind dakk
    i ve been streneouly trying to find where ,the pro??? verb you hv draged in your comment can seems to be a disguise of ur misunderstanding ,same as ur showing nick.Mr. cooool without knowing the core issue u v put forth a lavish advice.the discussion was regarding nuclear weapons and our security.NK made a balance and immuned herself from the nefarious tactics of the so called powers,and Pakistan is also in the same line of fire.There is no compromise on our national integrity.Becoming a nuclear power is indeed not a childs play,it takes decades nd generations.One can never deny the indirect affects on almost all affairs of our country including all the r booms u v mentioned..UR BOOMS CAN BE DISCUSSED IN THIER CONTEXT- nd i hope the then you will share facts —not just meaningless comments.I AM THERE TO DISCUUS THEM the way thanks 4 wasting time in front of the monitor..loools.

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