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C= copy

Thank you dear readers for all the c=creative responses 🙂 

Yes, this was a game, but we were not c= competing. Everyone is right, each c=contribution is a winner. What we are looking at is c=change. What is going to c=change is a c=curiosity that i want to break to get your C= Comments and suggestions. 

  •  PAMIR TIMES is going to become within a couple of weeks
  • What changes in the design, layout, colors, pages and features do you want to see? We have our own plans but your suggestions will help us customize the website according to your needs.

Team PT

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  1. Excellent Career Progression Team,
    remember Sky is the limit.

    Good luck!



  2. PT this was a promising work

    Yes the only thing permanent is ‘Change’ !

    Some generic suggestions:

    1. May do a little research/surfing on the internet about say top 5 social blogs, and benchmark PT against the best features of those blogs in terms of desing, layouting, colour, user friendliness etc…. i mean look for best practices

    2. Look at the different ranking systems for online blogs. Develop your infrastructure based on the key indicators in the ranking systems that apply to social blogs;

    3. aim at getting international certification, if there are blog certifying agencies already, i hope so! like the ISO certification process.

  3. Salute for you peoples for time and for your volunteery work.
    Hope you peoples will get this reward.
    Bist wishes further.

  4. you all are true representers

    and i am very sure if you all will work together with the passage of time this will get a globle recogination.

    Ali Masud


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