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[Pictorial] Spring Blossom Festival in Hunza

Hunza: The Spring Blossom Festival was inaugurated yesterday in Hunza Valley. The festival provided the people of Hunza Valley with an opportunity to sit together and celebrate life. The festival was organized by the GB government with the help of Karakuram Area Development Organization (KADO).

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  1. Very sorry to say that Where is Media? organizers of the event should invite National and International Delegates ,focal persons and Media representative for highlighting such Peace, Loving and Brotherhood festivals.

  2. like such festivals v promote our culture,tradition and our great unique is a great step towards the prevent our culture.

  3. Hunza and Nagar are no more independent states, they are now part of Gilgit-Baltistan. To me all the effort are useless to project one community as peace loving community unless a grand effort is not made in making overall GB (from Diamer to Susut and Ghizer to Ghanche-Baltistan) a peace loving community.

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