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Annual Reception for ILT programme participants in Munich, Germany


by Zulfiqar and Mussarat

Germany, Munich: The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology in Bavaria, Germany arranged an annual reception for the scholars of InWEnt from Africa, Malaysia, Latin America and Asia. Mrs Emilia Müller,Bavarian State Minister chaired the event. 

All the participants were supposed to be in their cultural dresses. The 25 particiants of the International Leadership Training (ILT) programme from the Karakoram-Himalaya-Hindukush and Pamir regions presented the national anthem of Bavaria. Dr.Ulrich Popp, Director InWEnt informed the participants about the activities of InWEnt in different parts of the world. He said InWEnt trains about 150,000 partcipatns from developing countires every year. He breifed Minister in detatils about International Long-term training for Karakuram, Himalaya, Hindukush and Pamir regions while focusing the potential of trans-border Cooperation in the region .

The participants shared their experiences during the one year training and Internship Program in the Alpine regions of Europe. In her speech ,the Minister highlighted the role of Ministry and InWEnt in capacity building and trans-border cooperation and development in different parts of the world. She also reaffirmed the Ministry’s long term commitment in developing the capacities of professionals from developing countries.

With the Director of ILT Minister visiting Stalls

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  1. congratulations to mussarat baji and zulfiqar for presenting our culture on an international level.

  2. Culture is a powerful tool for the surveillance of human being but it changes constantly and can also be easily lost because it exists in our minds.
    A famous cultural evolutionist Tylor said that culture is “that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.” Of course, it is not limited to men. Women possess and create it as well in a better way and mean.

    We are very grateful to say welcome back to our two representatives, Mussarat and Zulfiqar who were representing our culture in Germany through the International Leadership Program sponsored by The Aga Khan Rural Support Program(AKRSP) and the Government of Germany. My heartiest congratulations to both Leaders on their wonderful achievements and representation of our country specially and representing the culture of our region and of the great organization(AKRSP) particularly.

  3. hats off….to both of you…and many others from the regions



  5. A token of warmest congratulation and appreciation to all in traditional dress and for representing Gilgit-Baltistan.

  6. It is really great to see Mussarat Baji and Zulfi Bhai for presenting our traditional dress.
    This is a good practice of transboundry representation of our culture and have the role of hyperlinking our culture in wetern world.
    Apart from th dressing the actual purpose they are carrying on is of greater importance.If they fulifill the purpose with true determination and spirits will not only insinuate but enhance their intellectual and leadership capabilities and will also benefit the entire community and the young blood towards a better and prosperous tommorrow.
    We are proud of you and hope that you will serve the community for a good cause that will Inshallah result in a dynamic mind set and a thinking pattern that is more towards creativity and innovations.
    Hope to see you soon in Pakistan with great achievements and success.
    Aslam Ghalib
    student of molecular genetics,Lahore

  7. Congrates 2 Zulfiqar Bhai and Musarat Baji..!
    I appreciate you for representing our culture and tradition oon international level. I really like zulfiqar bhai’s HAT… its looking great. Its a massage and great sign for all of us..

    Irfan Ali Shah

  8. congratultions to Musarat and Zulfiqar.Musarat we are proud of u.keep it up.
    samina sajjad

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