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Who shall lead us – II

Pamir Times is conducting the second phase of online polls. More such polls coming en-route the coming NALA elections. Please participate

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  1. Cmon No Ghazanfar this time..

    We know what the chinese did with him regarding SOst Port.. it was a shame on the face of Hunza..

    HEz a cheater and everybody knows it!!!

  2. Ghazanfar was a Current and previous ruler and their forefahter’s also ruled but you well know what they did for the people of Hunza, its up to you.Having political skills and influential person in North and royal family of Hunza

    Another Noor Muhammand is Management persona and no such influential person and new comers in politics. He belongs to poor family.

    Qurban Jan is ex bureaucrat self made and belongs to poor family but not political person, very simple, and is 100 % fail person for politics but influential person in government and public.

    Hoor Shah is self made person, first entry in politics, will be the last entry for him like Nazir Sabir
    He has no political skills, and not influential person
    He has managerial skills but not political skills

  3. Well… there is no more room for Ghazanfar this time in the elections of 2009… we need to taste another candidate who can clearly discuss our problems in the assembly… Who this guy is Ghazanfar??? who has not the ability of speaking in public gathering specially in urdu which is our national language… so be aware of the tricks of this man..

  4. Voice

    What may be liberty, what may be light?
    What may slave what that is darkness?
    Same to thee, alien who to felt free?

    What the sun of freedom
    What the wind of life
    What stream of consciousness
    Whisper not on soul that death

    Freedom close humanity not that to swine inhumanity
    How may feel only with cloth human
    How may say if only words dictate
    How may listen, with direction fix

    Human that is Change
    Not to that had fixed time
    Not that had limit space
    Not need change or innovate

    Salve! that stay will stay forever
    Leave walk to freedom, a path fix
    Leave thought, wits that insane
    Leave life as voice as is deaf.


  5. Mr. Qurban Jan is standing 1st as of now. Will it be possible for Mr. Qurban Jan to introduce himself or for any of his supporters to itroduce him to us.

    I feel pity for those who have supported Mr. Ghazanfar. I request his supporters to help us know any of his qualities that we should consider him to lead us in future other than being the son of Mir jamal Khan still respected by the people of Hunza.

    I request other candiddates as well to introduce themselves to us.

  6. Helo Mir shaib & his flowers your Political corruption takes place at the highest levels of the political system,well the youth of Hunza Gojal knowing you as Political corruption in the form of accumulation,So chief shaib you didn’t think abt your future just used abuse of public authority and power for private benefit for power preservation and power extension purposes. So Mir& his flowers it’s time to say Good bye
    Sadly, the door has closed.
    I did not want to close it but I was left with no choice.
    Zinda abad
    Friend Of Hunza & Gojal

  7. “Leaders are born not made”… n when a leader comes he brings a change !

  8. I thinknon of the candidates deserve to be representing Hunza in the future, because we all are well aware of the fact that all these candidates have observed a very well known status in their respective profession. I don’t remember anything that they have gone out of their way and done for the betterment of their people. Therefore, I am not optimistic about any of them.

    I would appreciate the youth of Hunza to come forward and take the responsibility of their area and their people.

    Rehmat Ali

  10. well from the election poll result it seems that Mr. Qurban Jan is fit for the candidacy.. Mr. Sajjad Haider.. Mr. Qurban Jan is a retired bereucrat and he belongs to Gojal Gulmit.. in my point of view he has the ability to lead and tackle with the problems of the public.

  11. I will favour Sharif Ullah with his point. we need a political person n dispite high litreacy rate in hunza, I havent seen any political science student in my village. These are not political personatilies. We should look for another.

  12. Amina you are right !!! We also expect any female candidate to come forward and take the leadership too

  13. Dear Noor or PT
    As you have some problem with my statements about the people you have listed to be our next up coming leaders.
    Dear can you tell me little about what kind of comment you really need so I can go with that, or it’s just for a group of people, in one circle? Or it’s and open forum to all.
    Sorry Noor I m a straight man with the goal to try to open the vision that we are also Human. My words are not strong, my grammar is not composed, my the massage and meaning is clear.
    I f you need to stop me most welcome, but I will write to you and hope that you can accept the real world and share it with the people who have the right.

  14. Dera Amina
    Is that a jok or a mock on the situation of Paksiatn Hunza. who have no leader, and so they will be needing some one from out of the country.

    please clear that,

  15. A famous american politician John F. Kennedy said, “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all”.
    JFK, speech at Vanderbilt University, May 18, 1963.
    Everbody no more mistakes this time voting 4 the
    person. no more corruption-injustice-tyranny. we should come all together and make it happen.

  16. @ Mr Tariq Baigs view Who this guy is Ghazanfar??? i thin if you don’t Know Who Mir Gazanfar Ali Khan then i don’t think so you are well aware about history of hunza . and your second point who has not the ability of speaking in public gathering specially in Urdu which is our national language…i think that above 90% peopel of Northren areas haven’t Much ability to speak in Urdu……….

    dear Mr Tariq we need Change in our Society for betterment of the area not for the personlas like Mir, Wazir,Nazir ……

    we must need good leader to lead us and also solve our areas problems …

    critics on one man is i think not good habit…if we do behave like this then we never will be change……..
    we will be as wat we r………..

    but we Must Need Change should be good leader ………..

    who have the capability to lead over area….

    Hunza ZINDABAD
    GOJAL PayenDabad

  17. ATTN. MR. remat

    We request you to inform us of any of abilities he , his wife or his children posses and any of his landmark contribution during his tenure that range longest in Hunza, except that his son is known to have stolen 50 million rupees, caused enormous loss to the people of Sost through mis-management, corruption and incompetency at dry port.
    To cry like you, that he is the only king, let me remind you that he is not the king!!!!!! Let me also remind you that his forefathers were kings because people of Hunza wanted some one from outside of the clans that were in Hunza. In Ganish we know roots of all the tribes. I am sure. all other people/tribes know their roots across Hunza. What are the roots of the family of Ghazanfar???? So, please, don’t fool others to get some minor profit from Ghazanfar.

    Ghazanfar is past. Long live Hunza and its people.

    I think

  18. We need a political leader who can lead us, and fight for our basic rights. We welcome someone who has guts to handle Pakistani politics. I respect all these candidates, they are all very much educated specially Mr. Qurban Jan, he is highly educated person, If we do not have any one, than I am extremely sorry that Gazani is for better according to situation.

    I wish Mr. Mirbaz will come forward as a candidate, I hope most of the people will agree with me.

    Sherali Hunzai


  19. Enough is enough and it is time for change. Lets select a condidate who can prove to be the engine for change – it is surely no other than Alwaez Muhammad Aslam Khan who has the leadership skills and required vision to lead. Educated from University of London and University of Edenbourgh UK fits the job specification well. Good Luck Alwaez Aslam .

  20. Above all I m confused to support whom? except Ghazee & Hoorshah.
    Ghazanee, is failed and hypocretic person and his personelity is not like leader, he could better perform a stage drama with Gujranwala actors.
    Hoorshah, a lolly pop tasted “leader” and grown-up under the “chresmetic” personality of Ghazanee. So his politics are influneced by this philosphy of devide & roll.

    For the rest as member of small village both Noor mohd & Qurban Jan could be our leader if they leave behind there prejudicious approaches.

    My all sypathies are with supporters of Ghazanee. lolz

  21. Thanks ghazanfar you have helped us a lot from 35 years. so nw give chance 2 others … have enjoyed ur life a lot with urs kids,,,,,,

  22. I think Qurban Jan is good candidate, but he has to be politically strong to face the challenges. No more Mir this time………………………………..Please…


  23. @ Turuq Rost & others whose comments are not published

    To know what sort of comments are accepted, please read the Comments Etiquette.

    Any post that attacks the family (wives, daughters) is not welcome.

    Finally, it is ironic that at one hand you are demanding openness and on the other you are afraid of revealing your real name while blaming, accusing, commenting on real people!! Wouldn’t it be great if these people, or their supporters, can also respond to a real person, instead of a fake ID?

    What you are demanding is the liberty to abuse everyone (as if you are MR/MISS perfect) and that liberty, i am sorry, can’t be allowed. Isn’t it?



    WE LOVE …….




  25. Dear Mr. Hunza lover,, i know that u much love hunza me too.. i agree with ur comment that critisizing is not the way to change the people but i would like to oppose one thing here is that this is that person who has made alot of bank balances from the public right in hunza and gojal.. now he is enjoying alot his life with his family and so did his ancestors, he has that much balance in his account from which his 3rd generation can easily spent thier lives in luxury.. so think over this and favour him and also see ur past and dont forget ur history.

  26. Ni lay Ghazan dom mane qoum un kandam aethan… zhu lay nazir yar mine qoum un pasand aethan… jiye PPP.. Zinda ah Bi Bi zinda ha… long live Bilawal to lead.

  27. mara Qurban jan sab se guzarash hain ki apna gali galoch chod kar election ma ha jaye thab vote milne ka chance hoga otherwise mushkal hain.
    baqi mare tara k bahoth sare jazbathi log appne sumlat ko dek
    kar chader palaye

  28. Re: Mr Qurban Jan running as member for Hunza.
    We need fresh, young blood representing us; not old beuroctrats who have little active contributions to our society trying to step in and speak on our behalf. We need people who are looking us, not themselves & future career!

  29. Alwaeez Aslam sb is the candidate for the up-coming election? really surprising. My humbly request from him not to jump into this field. He is totally unfit for this jobe.

  30. i had posted a comment yesterday but din’t find it today ,hope it was not agaist your wishes . Alwaez Aslam is surely coming to lead with a character and humility.To secure your future please side by the change that is possible with Aslam Bai in the driving seat.

  31. its rite and i request the pamirtime management to reject those comments which are blamed on the families…………. of the candidates..every one is not perfect…………..

    so please do not blame on families and personlas we dont want to chnage the the person but we want to chnage the wrong policiec so keep good thinking for hunza,gojal

  32. Dear Friends of Hunza, Gojal,

    I agree with the coments of Zohara. Becouse these candidates are well known in the past whats they have done. Lets the young bloods of Hunza Gojal to partcipate in the up cominig elecation.
    We have a many youngters in Hunza Gojal Like Hajat Mohd, Adoucate Ehsan Ali, Sultan Madad, Abuzar Ali Qurban Mohd, Mohd Afzal,Gadir Shah and many more…….. these menation parsniltites are well known and well cammeted with their job for the last many years.So I requisted to the youth of Hunza, Gojal to support these people if any person will contest electation.

    Hunza Gojal need new vissionery person not need old blood Its also requsited to the retaier persons please please dont ………………. your not a right person to lead the people of Hunza Gojal.

    Thanks Pamir Time Team

  33. Qurban Jan is the rigth candidate,
    I dont say it the poll result says that.

  34. I agree with Fazal ‘s comments,that enough is engouh and Mr Ghazanfar and others of his age should say good bye to politics, as it has gone too sophisticated to be understood by them. Alwaez Aslam is the right choice for this job and will inshallah bring the much needed decency to politics. I request all female voters to realize the need for change in the character of politics and vote for Alwaez Aslam.Good Luck Aslam Bhai.

  35. Although it seems that juggling for a political leader for the upcoming elections is going on and getting heat of the days. This time there are many contenders who have proposed themselves for sale in the political market and some have been proposed by the people to be sold out to the public of Hunza both at cheaper and higher prices. Interestingly some names have been revealed and some are still behind the curtains waiting for the right time, but who knows when the right time will knock at their doors. However, it would be an interesting market competition but the market will not be a perfect free market, it would be highly distorted by the agencies and money.

    One of the most important features of this election would be its historical media coverage, because it would be an initiation of media trial and recorded process to be reflected later on, in this regard PT has played a huge role. Let me introduce another initiative Gilgit-Baltistan Post, which has joined the informed media of the region and seems to be coming with full thrust to play its role.

    Let see and wait who is going to prove his leadership skills to motivated people of Hunza to be their next leader, or is it the people of Hunza who have the ability to create a leader for themselves for the future???????

    Hidayat Karim

  36. Plz include the name of Alwaez Muhammad Aslam Khan in the list of candidate for NA Concil election. Insallah you will see the tide turning in his favour.

  37. Bahut mein ne suni hai aap ki taqreer Gazanfar
    Magar badli nahin ab tak meri taqdeer Gazanfar
    Khudara Shukr ki talqeen apne pass hi rakhen
    Yeh lagti hai mere seene pe ban kar teeer Gazanfar
    Nahin mein bol sakta jhut is darja dhitai se
    Yehi hai jurm mera aur yehi taqsir Gazanfar
    Haqeeqat ka kya hai, yeh to aap jaanen ya Khuda jane
    Suna hai ShoBoz hai aap ka peer Gazanfar
    Zameenen hon waderon ki, mashinen hon luteron ki
    Khuda ne likh ke di hai yeh tumhen terhrir Gazanfar

  38. i think that that ghazanfar ali is the right canditate so vote for the right person geo mir

  39. Thank Dear NOOR
    We have not touched enough, level of reality; all that I was mentioned by me were a simple reality towards the people in the set. What they have done in their life and how they have climb the chair of glory. Yes your right I was too much may be I should accept your level as it’s your set domain.
    Dear All
    Let me be clear in my point, don’t vote the candidates on the bases of nostalgic relations, ethnic, language, relationship. Just look at the present situation and check all the people and vote to the man that you see can much better fit in the context.
    Do we need a ex-government official, then before voting check is past involvement in social and civic development. If is good to introduce an ex-NGO(black belt) can he bee the man to deal with all our effort to reality of life. Or any person who is educated,(not degree holder but knowledgeable) is he a real leader, can he be our face toward the whole world.




    Mir sap…..i was your permanent support/voter but you did a lot of “NOTHING PROJECTS” for the region and for the people….no room for mistake this time…

    and finally my vote goes for NONE of these………….the “Other”
    option seems good.

  41. i would like to request all of you to kindly choose for a person who have some Leadership Quality.i.e Eng Baig Ali of Mourkhoun.
    In my opinion could you include the name of karim ullah khan, whose a social worker and have done alot for the community beside his negative propaganda,its nice if you can find a person who will suit the position for this Seat.For sure no one is perfect by Birth and becouse of Remote area and Poverty in the Region we do not have resources to represent ourself.

    Zara naam ho to yeh maati badi zarqais hain

    I have personaly worked with karim ullah khan of Mourkhoun whose down to grass root level and he fits this position becouse politics itself is a dirty game so kindly do not include Al Waeez Aslam saheb,and Dont Think of Qurban jan becouse he have big Ego problem and does not know whats the basic problems of this region if he was a good person while on his postion he should have atleast appointed one person during his service in govt job, Ask him whom he has helped non.
    With Mir yourself you are voting and than in the End you are crying for thie same thing.why you voted Mir,Hes only person to represent northern areas at Larger scale.
    secondly i can see PT is more in favour of PPP than PML cause action speaks louder itself,
    Third thing do not make this site a one way process if you are looking for a change in the region,let the people speak their views ,rights and can tell the not sensor things as that will be only a one way process for you that means you as PT is cheating the Public
    If there is will there is Everything.One must only have is the Go.Thing…..if you have Will power you can do everthing..Good luck with you all, Please include us on PT for the upcoming Elections and give us the rights to vote online for the overseas Northern Pakistanis.God Bless Hunza ,Gojal.

    vote only for the right person,who is suitable only for this job,

    In the end if you still dont find any candidate as amina said You can vote for mehhhhahhha

  42. Kurban Jan is better then all the candidates mentioned in this blog. supporters of Alwaeez Aslam sb are requested to refrain bringing him in politics. Politics is not his jobe and secondly his qualifications some one mentioned here, is not according to the time requirement. We need a qualitative and energetic young for this position. Thanks

  43. Thank you All the PT Reader your thoughtful comments. I particularly liked the Tariqbiag & irfan hahahah….. mirche lagi hai barbar hahahah…..
    I believe that everybody has a right to express his or herself in any way which he or she pleases. This, however, does not preclude the unfortunate result of saying something unintelligent, offensive, or misled but as young youth it’s our duty to say truth.
    Nobody disagrees change the political leader if few are against don’t worry it happen every country, i love to know these name Like Baig ali, .Qurban jan, Alwaez Muhammad Aslam Khan.They all are reliable persons If Amna Bibi is really to be interested we will welcome here indeed.
    Zinda abad
    Friend Of Hunza & Gojal

  44. I think we need someone who is educated,honest selfless,experienced and loyal to the public.I realized it now that Mr.Qurban Jan has got all these qualities.Like all human beings he is not perfect but he has got some wonderful qualities which are rare to be found in a leader.He should come forward and bring prosperity to our place,people and ultimately to the nation.One must be realistic,I don’t want to sound as your daughter but as one of the peoples who wants justice,equal distribution of wealth and above all one should lead a life that is beneficial to humanity.

  45. I will request all of you to look for LEADERSHIP QUALITIES in the candidates rather than favoritism, relationship, and friendship. The messages that I read tell me that we still need to develop a lot in our political thoughts. People from Ghulkin are praising Alwaiz Aslam & Shareef, Gulmitics seem to be praising uncle Qurban Jan. I read some comments of my brothers from Morkhoon who think that Baig Ali is the best person for this job. People from Hunza are in favour of Hoor Shah and Noor Muhammad. I really appreciate your thoughts; however, I think we have had a lot in the past and to secure our future we need to come out of our shells of language, area and favoritism and look for a person who really has the ability to lead us in the future.

  46. we donot want ghazani ths time……..he is cheater and disgusted man ………he is a man of no idea that how to represent a community………………….he is quite disqualified mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……..hate mir …………….

  47. miss shazia qurban i will comment to ur post that mr qurban jan will be good leadr ahead but no one knows who is what in his actual sense …..these commments are just fake to write coz everyone needs to change therselve at their own level and come foward…a person dedication ,devotion can not be studied thru his face but the way he woks outttt

    good leadr is he who works silently for community and got critsm as well and i think mr hoor shah deserve this position

  48. Dear Shazia,
    We all know these characteristics of Mr.Qurban Jan, we know about his loyalty, education, integrity, selfless, experienced, but what we don’t know are his political skills, his political influences and background, but I know one thing apart from all these qualities you have mentioned there are some other basic and important qualities needed for a leader to represent and lead a nation particularly when someone coming through electoral process, and those are (if some readers agree) interaction with the community, work closely with the community, participate in every social and communal events, sympathy to the people, how much social you are, you really have to win the hearts and minds of the people, the strength to face the critics and willingness to listen to the people, and these are what most of the people don’t know about him, I myself haven’t seen him for more than a decade now and I don’t remember when did I see him last time in his own village. And the other question which comes in everyone’s mind is what did he do for the community during his long period of bureaucracy, when he was the most influential power government employee from and in the whole Northern Areas or what were his achievements during that period of time which gives the guarantee and I should proudly tell myself that yes QJ have already done a lot so I should vote for him now, he is the right candidate. These are the areas Shazia which everyone would love to hear and know from you.

    Jitey ga bayee jitey ga
    Bimaza J Party (BJP)

  49. please

    Chose a right person who is sincere with the people of Hunza & Gojal.


    S.K Hunzai

  50. Miss zohra

    Any ways could you find a profile matching close to the profile of Engineer Baig Ali (the Present council Member)Islmabad
    The silent Social Worker in Islamabad.(Already is Leading the Jamat)
    We the Moorkhoun are born with Leadership Quality and you can not bring any Politican comparing to Mourkhounic,The blood Circulates from The Heart.Mourkhoun is the Heart of Gojal.
    The First Ever Election Against Mir was als Mr.Abuzar Ali of Mourkhoun who showed you the Road.
    MR.Qurban Mohd,/MR.Abuzar Ali,/MR.Karim Ullah Khan,MR.Hajjat Mohd,Eng Baig Ali are From Mourkhoun Gojal,Open Your eyes becouse the road was not even opened for Shimshal when we Mourkhunics already compaiging vote on Shimshall Road(biggest bat was shimshal road thats where Mir won the Election),So here we go again,Geo Gojal.Geo MOORKHOON world.You are the Voice of Gojal, Keep Rocking,Nothing is Favouritism or Nothing is Relationship in this,When sun rises in Gojal it Starts from Morkhoun,SAAADA Zinda Rahe TA Qayamat ,MOORKHOON POWER,I love You all.

  51. @ Karim Dad

    Is respected Engineer Baig Ali interested in contesting elections? I think he is still a government official and can’t contest an election. However, if he is eligbile and willing can you kindly send us a brief profile of respected Baig Ali Sahab?

    I appreciate your emotions.


  52. No Mir>>>>>>>>>>No bear>>>>>>No fear>>>>>>No shoboz>>>>>>>>>>>No Young star
    Jeay Bhutto!

  53. it has been hurting me from the time of my age from when i have become able to think about our issues.

    looking again here i found the same thing we, specially our elders, having lots of experience in thier feild but still they havent become able to delete it from their mind and the problem with our people is that we still have the mentality of seprating the area by their names gulmitic murkhunik shimshalik ghulkinik bla bla bla

    u elders have divided us in villages. we want to be united and i am proud to be told to be a gojali rather then gulmitic.
    but the elders have taught us through their mentality to be sepretaded in villages
    no murkhunik gulmitic and sostic can do any thing at individual or village level.

    all villages must combine together and work to get sucess. i think if a moorkhoonic has won, ever, it isn’t becoz of the Moorkhoonic vote only? Think about it big brother.

    elders must change their mind level so plz stop thinking as gulmitic murkhunik start thinking collectively

  54. Dear Noor

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    The Cabinet for Moorkhoon World will decide and confirm to you if Any of the Moorkhoonik will Contest for upcoming Elections but so far its still too Early to tell whom The Moor Khoonick will choose for this post.Might be it will be from the Old Candidates or might be there will be a chances for New Faces.All depends on the Moorkhoon World own Decision.


  55. Well seriously speaking im not in the favour of any of the candidates in the polling list.. because they have not the potential to lead.. if someone female comes in the candidacy i will be the first to support her in her compagian… so who so ever is interested please come and we need female participation in politics…

  56. @ Karim Dad, June 9, 2009

    Waaw!!!!! WHAT AN INTELLECTUAL RESPONSE! Thank you for showing us your true face. I just wish that all these “leaders” mentioned in your post don’t have the same attitude that you have shown to all of us.

    I don’t know which statement in my last post made you write all these things that I hope you would not have written. It was an honest call and had nothing to do with any individual. I truely have respect for all of them The main objective was just to think like a nation and choose a leader who can lead us on the road of prosperity, and my message today is the same.

    In your post you have invited me to open my eyes and look the bravery of the people (I would say your people) in the PAST. Today I invite you to come forward with an open mind, consider yourself and your people part of Gojal, and join the nation in choosing a leader for the FUTURE.

    @ Chilmindak

    I really appreciate your thought.

    Now please don’t get me wrong again. It honestly has nothing to do with uncle Qurban Jan. I just loved the way he has highlighted all the qualities in a leader, rather than choosing a couple of favourite or prominent ones.

  57. Dear Noor and Zulfi, please upload whatever i write if you promote PT as real way of communication for peole of GB and all over the world

    This blog is prejudice and biased. I dont say these words keeping my eyes closed without thinking anyone.. All the moments on Hunza elect went to candidates from Gojal. No one wrote few lines about a leadership from Hunza. Here i dont need any kind of leadership from Hunza, but the body language of all gojalis is totally pessimist towards Hunzukutz or Brusho… It is a reality that most of gojalis hate hunzukutz being the reason that they have ruled them in past.. I want to make a discussion here on Hunzukutz rule on Wakhans….

  58. @ Hunza Boy

    As they say, it takes two to tango!! The bias and mistrust are mutual. It is not specific to Gojal or Central Hunza. I would invite you to be more realistic. Some facts for your information:

    Ghazanfar Ali Khan has been winning from hundred percent Wakhi speaking villages of Gojal, for many years.

    Wazir Baig won huge majority throughout Gojal.

    Nazir Sabir won huge majority throughout Gojal.

    And still you are accusing the people of Gojal of hating their Burushaski speaking brothers? Is your assertion based on truth?

    Moreover, let’s say that a Wakhi speaking contests elections in the future for the NALA seat. In how many villages of Central Hunza will s/he be able to win?

    Isn’t it time for the brothers and sister of Central Hunza to give votes to their Wakhi brother/sister from Gojal, during this election? Does it go against the law of nature?

    Just some facts and questions for you to ponder, Hunza Boy.


  59. @ hunza boy
    Just to set the record straight, wakhis were not ruled by hunzukuts, all the people living in hunza i.e wakhis, sheens, brosho doom were ruled by the same despotic mirs. stupid.

  60. gojalis are not rulers they come under hunzukutz …… qurban jan no aslam ,only a person frm hunza

  61. Dear Noor,
    Cannot u just ignore emotional outbursst of some disgusting fellows?? They just shout slogans like “Jiy Mir or we want that person”. I suggest that only serious disucssions and commencts be posted here. I must say that this leadership is really serious issue. Some of the comments are really laudible but some are just frustrations and mere emotions.

  62. @ sara
    Think before what you write and speak!!!!!
    Please improve your basic knowledge about the geography of Hunza. Let me tell you that Hunza starts from Mayoon and ends to Klick.
    Could you eloborate your clam “gojalis are not rulers they come under hunzukutz ” What actually you mean?

  63. we are no shinaki brusho wakhi doom tham kuths we are all from hunza our difference of language is not our weakness but our strength
    longlive hunza

  64. Dear Readers of PT,
    I went through some of the comments and found quite interesting views about the contestants.

    There are certain things which we need to take into earnest account.

    1- In democracy you have the right to vote anyone you feel is credible but so far what I have observed in our society is that it does not truly support and promote democracy. In our system there are certain differences that are more prominent and can not be disregarded as have remained part of our past and present practices.. For example a family, an area or an individual can not take any step without the involvement of elders and familial relationships are so intimated that one can not revolt or move away from them.

    In west the concept of individualism is prevalent and everyone is free to do anything he wants and others have no right to intervene or interfere his business. This kind of situation in not acceptable in our society and we talk of pluralism where some things have to be compromised as to create a balanced situation.

    Keeping the western concepts of democracy in mind we may not flourish as are entangled in many social, religious and political fabrics.

    We ought to understand the ground realities in mind and step forward without creating turbulence in the entire environment we have nurtured in.

    It will require more time to bring a huge change but we can gradually move ahead keeping the pertinence of the situation in mind.
    For our society we need to choose a person who is multidimensional and must not target only the professional excellence.

    There are many things that have to be kept in mind while stepping ahead and the time demands someone exceptional nervous to lead the entire area.

    This is all my own perception and creation and if you find anything ambigius please ignore it.

    Aslam Khan Ghalib


  65. @ Sara
    Please think in advance for future and i think that your mind is still in the stone age and you are thinking like a child, be mature and be optimistic…

  66. Many of the statements below sound to me like “PIDARAM SULTAN BOOD.” This quote has never worked in any era, because people are not really interested in what your forefathers have done. In contrast, they want to know who YOU are and what are YOUR strengths?

    Observing this kind of thinking seems strange in the 21st century and above all in the Ismaili community. Being the followers of a SPIRITUAL LEADER who has emphasized on the importance of Pluralism for years to his Jamaat and now he is conveying his message to the rest of the world; it is pity to see his followers showing hatred for their brothers and sisters who have the same belief, observe the same culture to a great extend, and live in the same region. Just that we speak different languages should not divide us into areas which don’t mean anything on their own.

    I request you all to embrace the differences of the cultures with open arms and work towards a prosperous Hunza where each and every individual is important regardless of the language that s/he speaks.

    I am thankful to PT for providing a forum where the youth of Hunza ( I guess it’s GB) to share their views on different issues, and I request the users of this forum to make a good use of this opportunity instead of promoting hatred.


  67. We can never get an ideal leader in Hunza, because our own ideals of leadership are perplexed. Look at the irony in our demands:

    1. We want a leader who is impartial, honest and works on merit. But for all reasons, whatsoever, we want special favors from her/him, like hiring people for jobs from his ethnic group, his cast or his village.

    Mr Qurban Jan is criticised on the grounds that he hasn’t provided jobs to people of the region. What we don’t understand while making these comments is that if he had done so, he may not have been working honestly. But, again, we want him to be honest, as well.

    2. We want a leader who is fair in treatment, just and representative of all. Yet, we vote for those who are either from our ethnicity or our family or our village. If the voters are biased, they are definitely going to be represented by a biased person. What is the outcry about?

    3. Someone criticized Mr Qurban Jan, saying that his qualities of honesty, integrity, meritocracy and impartiality are irrelevant in the Pakistani political context. Doesn’t that equate to meaning that we shall vote for a person who is dishonest, biased, partial and fraudulant, so as to fulfill “requirements” of the Pakistani political ball game?

    What we need to clear in our minds is that if we want honest people, we shall not expect unfair favors from them. This might mean, for us, to sacrifice personal or family or village interests but as “bastions of honesty” as we callously claim to be, we shall have the guts to sacrifice for values that are important for strengthening of a democratic, progressive and rational society.

    Think about it. We do not deserve good leaders, if we can’t truly believe in the ideals of leadership.

  68. 1st we do not have a Nation,

    2ndly we dont have rights to vote

    3rd its just a mare dummy Thing,what NALA and Northen Areas

    We are not able to represent ourself in National Assmebly of Pakistan

    Why The hell do We make a Fuss Here.

    All this Election is Non-Sense. Nothing will Change if We dont Change ourselfs.

    Good Luck with all The candidates and The memeber who will cast vote fot this Dummy Positions. All the best of Luck for Your Future With another Complaint to come?
    This candidate Did not Do it Again!! Cheers, commmon Elections is coming up,Get Moving.

  69. This forum provides an opportunity for us to share our openion and reach to a consenses solution. However some of the comments do not match the cultre of Hunza ,which is pluralistic in nature and accomodative in essence. All living in Hunza ,be they Brushu,Wakhi,Shane or others are all brothers and all are realities. Lets follow Alwaez Aslam and work for the betterment of all ,accross the ethnic line.Our votes will Inshallah make the difference and develop a harmoneous society based on faith and discipline .

  70. A leader has some flowers but Mir has no flowers????? just you decided how is the Leader.” Pidaram Sultan bowad ” No need please think and decide.

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