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Youth from Gojal to organise a Rally in Islamabad to highlight port issue

Hunza, May 05: The rival parties at SDP will meet today at 11 pm in KANA division to resolve the long running ownership dispute of the Sost Dry Port. Both parties have been lobbying lobbying at higher level to influnce the meeting outcomes, in their own favours. Mirza Hassan, a former director of the port trust, Nazir Sabir and Wazir Baig, both former PPP members of the Northern Areas Legislative Council, Ghulam Muhammad, senior vice president of PPP Gilgit and Hoor Shah, a director of the port trust,  will represent the newly elected cabinet, shareholders and landowners. The other party will by represented by Saleem Khan, son of Ghazanfar Ali Khan chief executive NALA, his cousin Shahbaz Khan, member district council Gilgit and Barkat Ullah, former director of the port trust.

Secretary KANA division, Chief Secretary and Deputy Commissioner Gilgit will facilitate the meeting. Accordint to sources, Chairman NALA will also participate the meeting.

The youth from Gojal in Rawalpindi-Islamabad will organise a rally from KANA division to Islamabd press club in order to highlight the exploitations at SDP in hands of influential families. According to reports local youth have started to gather in front of KANA division.

It is expected that a press conference will also be organised at the end of the rally to inform press about today’s meeting outcome.  

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