Aga Khan becomes sixth person in history to become honorary Canadian citizen

Honorary Canadian citizenship is bestowed by the governor general and requires the unanimous approval of all voting MPs.

It has been given to four others: Swedish diplomat and Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg (posthumously in 1985); former South Africa president and Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela (2001); the Dalai Lama (2006); and pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi (2007), a Nobel laureate who has spent most of the last 20 years under house arrest in her native Myanmar. More at SOURCE

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  1. It is incredible that Canada recognizes the rare world leaders who fight back violent acts with non violence approaches which have long- lasting impacts and effects on every societies.We Muslims are lucky enough to have leaders like His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan” who is truely a beacon of tolernce,pluralism and humanitarianism throughout the entire world”.We must not forget that His Highness Is one of the few Muslim leaders who never shys away from dealing issues, whenever are confronting the whole world whether it concerns conflict,development or religion.

  2. Dear PT
    Mubarak to all the Muslim world.
    You should address His Highness THE AGA KHAN Please note that just the way you addressed here is not the proper way.


  3. joyfull moment for all ismailies in the world that canda has given the citizenship to MOWLANA HAZIR IMAM i will not go in more details i totaly agree with the comments of shazia qurban.

  4. Dear PT and all
    To me its bit confusing, are all the related comment put forward as ordinary people or Ismailias.
    To it not a moment of joy, at lest a moment of feeling to the government of Canada. It is a proud moment for the Canadian people and Government, Not to His Highness, The Imam of time. He dose not need such appreciation, Canadian should feel proud that such figure has accepted to become the member of the nation.
    Why we should feel proud for Imam to get the Nationality, he not subject to any pitty thing,
    To me he is a bound that every boundary requires to have with in. Understand the faith, and then remark, he is no politician, no activist, but a figure more sublime them all. Do measure him with the scale of Human desire.

  5. It is a moment of great happiness and poud for not only Ismailiis but also for all the Muslims all over the world.Mubarak to all Muslims.

  6. Its a nice news but I wish any of our great leader’s murid could get such an opportunity. How proud our imam would be. We are always proud of him. Its not a new thing but lets try to be great enough to make our imam proud of us.

  7. Dear PT team!

    congrates to all ismailis around the world on this auspecious occasion. Thanks to PT for conveying the good news. I think there is a bit mistake in the title given as ‘ the sixth person in history’ which contradicts with the details given below mentioning about four others in histroy and it also contradicts with the source which calls The Aga Khan as ‘the fifth person in history’. please rectify if i am mistaken.


  8. I will favour thruq rusth for his opinion. Canadian should feel proud for MHI as their Honorary Citizen.

  9. A moment of happiness for the Ismailies in particuler and to the muslims world in gernral.


  10. congeratulation to Aga Khan and the canedian govt, and agree to thruq rusth bahi

  11. My dear Thruq Rusth nice comments which you thinking that’show your family give u gud Ed. love u man.

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