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Several injured in clash between two groups at Hussaini Gojal

Locals appeal for peace and calm, condemn violence and injustice

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Hussaini, August 5: Two groups of people, including labourers, have clashed at Hussaini village, located on the northern end of dammed Hunza River, resulting in injuries to several people. The inured have been shifted to hospitals.

According to sources the fighting groups consisted of people belonging to Gojal and Nagar Valley.

Contingents of police, under the leadership of SP Hunza, have reached Hussaini to resolve the issue and negotiations are in progress, an eye-witness told Pamir Times.

There are reports that angry mobs of laborers from Sost and Attabad spillway are trying to reach Hussaini, apparent to take part in the fight. In the meanwhile people in Passu and Moorkhoon have blocked the Karakuram Highway in reaction to the ugly incident of violence in Hussaini.

Groups of laborers have fought on several occasions at the Hussaini Village in the past over petty issues, but the non-serious attitude of the district administration towards resolution of the issues has led to aggravation of the situation.

Local people have appealed to the administration and government to proactively maintain law and order situation in the region.

“People should not propagate the condemnable incident as a regional or sectarian issue. The fight is between two groups of people and vast majority of the people of Hunza – Nagar are peace loving and condemn violence and injustice in all forms”, a local person present at the fight scene told this reporter.

12 thoughts on “Several injured in clash between two groups at Hussaini Gojal

  1. salam all please gojal is peace full area awide the vielance and get out non local because these are criminals and non social people

    1. Very sad to see these narrow minded comments. Attabad lake is not property of Hunza community. it is situated between Hunza and Nagar. Every one has right to make the most of this opportunity. V condemn this first terroristic attack on labours. latter situation is nothing but a reaction.

  2. Mismanagement and mis-governance leads to suspicions and misgivings about each other.
    the answer lies in unity, fairplay and creating win-win solutions for all stakeholders.

    Otherwise the minority border and lake mafias and petty interest groups will continue to control the lives and souls of the majority people in the district.

    While the youth and people should make their voice heard and unite under a leadership, lets not take law and order into our own hands.

    Dialogue and dialogue is the only answer. We all live in an interdependent world.

    Amin Beg

  3. It is so unfortunate that our peaceful valley has experienced violence and criminals in the disguise of laborers have been busy creating a situation of unrest in our motherland.

    The ugly face of regional dirty politics which has acquired power using illicit money earned from smuggling of drugs etc. Our valley was clear of weapons, but if the government agencies do not protect the peace loving people, the situation would not remain the same.

    It is high time that the community leaders and the responsible government authorities should sit down with a cool head to stop such events which is not in the interest of the whole region.

    We hope the elders would intervene and restore peace. I do not have any hope from the district administration to control the situation, they would rather add fuel to the burning fire because they must be a hand in all this happening.

    1. This is not an incident, it is the series of half truths attitude of Hunaza people. The workers at Attabad Lake are labors, not terrorist. Those who had attacked first on these hard workers are the radicals. These elements should be strictly penalized. If we go aboard to work, then why Nagarians have not right to work in their own area (Hunza Nagar)

      1. Indeed Asadullah

        The full truth is that the “innocent labourers” were carrying guns to row the boats!! Right??

        People of Gojal and Hunza shall unanimously demand of the government to conduct operation clean-up in Sost and at spillway of the river to de-fang members of the smuggler mafia, by snatching their weapons.

        What happened before the so-called “first attack”, which was in reality a reaction to the ghunda-gardi of the Nagari Mazdurs.

        Did not more than 100 Nagarkutz labourers beat up 5 local people at Hussaini in the night of August 4, 2011? That was actually the starting point of the whole fight. So the real culprits, the militant labourers, shall be banned from entering Gojal and instead they should be put behind the bars, to rot.

        If we, Hunzukutz, have the “half-truth” attitude, as you imagine, then you have the all-lies-syndrome, as you demonstrate.

        The Nagarkutz have been working at Sost and Aliabad, and now Gulmit and Hussaini, for several decades. But that does give them the license to recruit gangsters and terrorists and pelt stones on women, tease women while they are crossing the spillway. Morons.

        If there is another such folly in the future, the youth of Gojal and Hunza will teach the terrorists disguised as labourers the lessons of their life. The youth of Gojal and Hunza need to rearm themselves to combat these mafias, using regional and sectarian covers to hide their actual work, i.e. smuggling.

        We expected more rational reaction from the educated and civilized sections of the people of Nagar. Alas!

        You guys needs to realize that by repeatedly electing smugglers as your leaders, you are giving very wrong impressions about your own collective attitude, while also destroying the future of your region. A smuggler is a smuggler, even if he recruits 10 Nagarkutz as peons in 10 departments. He will not forget to steal. He will never forget to cheat.

        Elect people who deserve to represent the people of Nagar, who are our brothers and sisters.

  4. The few calprits are bringing bad names to the whole Nagar Valley. Those who are responsible for the crime must be punished.

  5. Dear Readers of PT,
    I was quite astounded when came across the news about a clash between two groups.There could be many reasons for this clash but what I concieve out of the scenario is a fight for resources and opportunties.Well,all deserve to work and earn in the areas that seem more productive in terms of business and labouring.But making and portraying undesirable issues could create certain serious conflicts which could damage the peace of the area.
    I would held the local adminstration responsible for not taking an immedite notice and action against the culprits.There could be certain interest groups who are betraying the hardworking labours and using them to meet their so called motives.We are no Gojalis and no Nagriks,but brothers of a peaceful Hunza-Nagar who have great commonalities which need to be brought forward instead of creating uncertain situation.

    I wouls urge all of you to be peaceful and do not creat animosity or discrimination based on ethnicity,race,sect or other problem creating areas.

    All the youth need to take this matter quite seriously and comeup with some better and more realistic layout.

    I hope we as a community would keep the peace process keep moving forward and will give an end to the small differences.

    Best regards
    Aslam Khan Ghalib

  6. Where there is a dead, there are scavengers.

    People should understand that there is no ‘outsider’ and ‘insider’ (paricularly when it comes to Hunza-Nagar) and that every citizen has the right to work anywhere in the country or region in terms of bread winning.
    It is absolutely a homegrown problem provoked by the ‘fuedalist political looser’ as well as the ignorant administration to jeopardize the ‘District issue’.
    Heads and hawks should come to gather for a permanent solution of this petty but would be dangerous issue.
    Violence is affordable to those who have nothing to loose. People of Hunza can’t afford violence because (I think) we have crossed or near to cross that barrier of ‘Jahalat’ through heavy investment in education. We have shun arms for degrees and it’s hard to rebound both ethically and economically. Although our economics is still basic (due to many reasons) but human ethics have fairly improved and the result is that we are considered (and it’s true) harmless people in the country or elsewhere and hence we are proud of that change.

    Although lots of challenges lie ahead but need to be settled intelligently and diplomatically through intra-regional and etra-regional dialogue in order to achieve a progressive and sustainable social enviroment that would cater our present and future generations.

    God bless Hunza-Nagar

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