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[Editorial]PPP divided in Gilgit – Baltistan

Pakistan Peoples’ Party in Gilgit – Baltistan is passing through the worst phase of its history. After the announcement of regional party leadership portfolios, Mehdi Shah – Skardu and Ghulam Muhammad – Ghizar getting the top slots, the workers of Gilgit city and the surrounding localities seem to have united into an opposition bloc against their own party leaders.

The rift has widened to such an extent that the opposition bloc has announced a parallel setup, declaring Muhammad Ibrahim as President of their bloc. 

Traditionally, Presidents of the party’s regional setup used to be residents of Gilgit city and it is for the first time that a man from Skardu has got the top slot, while one from Ghizar has got the second top slot. The feud, on surface at least, seems to be caused by regional likes and dislikes, or interests.

There are circles claiming that since the secretariat is based in Gilgit city, so the President or, at least, the General Secretary should also be a resident of Gilgit city.  However, some leaders opposing the setup accuse Ghulam Muhammad of being “an anti-state nationalist guised as a Jiyala”. To “support their claim” they quote his allegedly close links with BNF, which Ghulam Muhammad rejects as “baseless and ill intentioned allegations”.

Whatever the reason or justification for the brewing, spilling, feud, this situation offers ample expansion opportunities for parties claiming inspiration from nationalistic agendas, besides other federalist parties.

If the party’s top leadership doesn’t intervene to resolve the issue, this may prove to be the beginning of a decay process, especially while the November elections are looming large on the horizon.

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  1. PPP being the single largest party of G-B will hopefully iron out the wrinkles it has created in its rank and file, as a result of changes in the local leadership. Sanity will prevail in the larger interest of the people of the area and for the sake of its own popularity across the country. Opportunity seekers, however, will look for fault lines to create a gulf out of whatever thin line is there in in the party.

    The old and new leadership alike, will have to demonstrate adequate degree of acumen to overcome the situation.

  2. Begane ki shadi me Abdullah Diwana!
    The people of Gilgit-Baltistan has nothing to gain by following these so called ‘national’ parties.
    I think it is wise and also advisable that our poliitical leadership should not pursue these parties with emotion. There is no need for that. How many times any PPP stalwart has talked of GB rights? None. There is record is bleak. They are interested in their own affars. While it is good to have nice analytical opinions on Pakistani politics but it is not good to so deeply assoicate ourselves with Pee Pee Pee.

  3. Dear Editor,
    I would like to congratulate Mr. Ghulam Mohammad, Member Legislative Council, and NA for appointing secretary, PPP Gilgit-Baltisan. He really deserve for the position, keeping in view of his experience in the politic and popularity in the public for his unforgettable services extended to all communities irrespective of region, religion and cost.
    I don’t agree with the suggestion that president or secretary should be from Gilgit city etc. If we look on the country political party situation that Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, Mr. Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, Mr.Asfandira Wali Khan and Mr. Altaf Hussain are not resided in the capital city of Islamabad. Mr. Gulam Mohammad is belonged to Ghizer district which is known mini Lalkana of PPP. So morally, technically and professionally, the Ghazer district is deserved to retain the position of secretary ship to retain vote bank of the party.

    Mohammad Yousuf Zond,

  4. @Mohammad Yousuf Zond,
    Am amazed by da comments of Mr Mohammad Yousuf Zond,
    he calls Ghizer the mini larkana…!!! Those people are refusing to accept our Existance, they are treating us like animals, they think We dn’t deserve to have the right to choose, they are da occupiers, they have kept us their slaves, G-B is a Colony of pakis, WE ARE SLAVES..!!! then Why are We running after them, PPP, Pakistan Peoples Party, dears it’s Not our party it’s for the People Belonging to Pakistan…!!!!!
    As far as Ghulam Mhd is concerned, i got his recorded speaches
    in which he has said so many times, that, pakistanis’s are ocuupiers, We want freedom,He has scolded all those parties, including PPP.

    I agree to ali al-Hakim, our people belonging to any Federal Party are, Begani shadi mein abdullah deewana.

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