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[Editorial] Kashmiri leaders’ colonial aspirations

Whether the recently announced reforms package offers the people of Gilgit –Baltistan anything good is a hotly debated topic, but it has done us a favor by exposing the colonial aspirations of the nationalistic political leaders of Kashmir. They want to continue and cement the colonial legacy of Maharaja Hari Sing and the British colonizers. They aspire to rule us, against our wishes and desires. The colonized also dream of colonizing others; a moment of shame for many.

The reality is that Kashmir has never come as a choice for the people of Gilgit – Baltistan had it not been for the fall of the fiefdoms, we may very well have been living under a completely different scenario, each state having its own independent stature. That the force of occupation joined us with Kashmir is a fact that the Kashmiri leaders have turned a blind eye to.

Their claims on the land of Gilgit – Baltistan also negate the sacrifices offered by our ancestors during the war of independence fought against Dogra regime. For us there’s no difference between the Ghansara Singh of yester years or the governor that Yasin Malik wants to see in Gilgit – Baltistan.   

They are not acting as our friends, and in response, they have already lost any sympathy left. A great loss indeed!! by Noor

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