Wakhi radio program’s duration being increased to 60 minutes


by Ali Ahmed

Gilgit, September 17: A delegation of Wakhi speaking people led by President Wakhi Tajik Cultural Association (WTCA) held an important meeting with Mr Murtaza Solangi, Director General of the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), at Serena Hotel.

Disucssing the Wakhi Program, “Sado-e-Bom-e-Dunyo”, the delegation presented a three-points proposal to the DG for improving its reach and impact. It was suggested that duration of the program be increased to one hour, as the allocated thrity minutes are not enough to leave any substantial impact on development of the Wakhi language and community. Suggestion for hiring a Wakhi speaking professional producer, exclusively for Sado-e-Bom-e-Dunyo”, was also presented during the disucssion. Third suggestion was regarding initation of external programs in Wakhi language.

The director was told that despite of its decade long presence on air waves, the Wakhi language program needs a lot of improvement in terms of content quality and innovation. The positive inital role played by the radio program, regarding preservation and promotion of the Wakhi identity was also appreciated by the delegation.

Mr Solangi not only appreciated and agreed with these suggestion, he also promised that an FM radio station would be established in Gojal, Hunza.  He further said that the program timings will be increased by thirty minutes, but the time slot will be 9:30-10:30, in the night. He also assured the team that he will visit Gojal valley after Eid holidays.  He further advised the dekegation to recommend some strong persons with appropriate education and skills for the position of producer.

2Mr Arshad Khan, MD Pakistan Television, was also present during the meeting and he appreciated the efforts of WTCA for its cultural activities, mainly arranging festivals. He also mentioned that PTV is starting a bureau office in Gilgit-Baltistan on the instruction of Governor.

The Wakhi delegation comprised of Abuzar Ali,  Mohammad Aslam, Ahmed Raiz Ahmed, . Sultan Ahmed, Nawab Ali Khan, Asghar Khan, Mohammad Ali, Rehan Shah, Saif Udin Saif, Nisar Karim, Ali Ahmed and Yaqub Ali.

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  1. I think it is a good step by our elders. let me note Mr. Solangi’s advise….he is very right in advising that, “……. recommend some strong persons with appropriate education and skills for the position of producer.”

    this is what, i think, we need to follow in order to improve the quality of our programs.

  2. Congratulation’s to all Wakhi speaking population around the region. Praying for success of Wakhi program on Radio Pakistan. Cheers.

  3. Congratulations for the Xik Murdom around the Bom-e-Dunyo

    I all so appreciated the all activists of Sado-e-Bom-e-Dunyo because to day we achieve our aims and dreams in true science,
    About the Timing is also very good because at 9.30pm to10.30pm the people wear very relax mode to listening the Barnoma especially in the summers session, Hear in Afghanistan and Tajikistan Wakhan Xik can’t heir properly but now we hope they will easily access the Bronoma in the night.
    “I have one important and umbel suggestion for improving the program and the Xik Vor words because hear in Afghan & Tajik Wakhan Xik murdom that they saying if you use a Urdu words then we cont understand it”
    Dear Pakistan Wakhan Xik activists you are doing a leading roll in between another’s Xik murdums because when I visited around the three more countries (China, Tajikistan and Afghanistan)Wakhan Xiks communities too that they are saying we all Wakhan Xik murdums make one International Xik Vor rasmulkhat by help of you Pakistan Xik which rasmulkhat easily understand all four countries Wakhan Xiks.
    Secondly I all so congratulations for the FM service will be in Gojal and will a time for local program in PTV too

    Thanks and once again congratulations all Xiks murdum for this big initiatives.

    Ali Aman Gojali
    Wakhan Cultural Promotion Afghanistan & Tajikistan

  4. Great Job by WTCA, further their responsibility does not cease here. WTCA must form Xhik Literary Forum, comprising of literary loving people and experts. Its objective must be research work on Xhikwor Edab-o-Soqofat. It’s time to work on script that we have not yet decided. We have to see the effect of use of Wakhi script, Roman style, using at Al-Amyn Model School Gulmit. We have introduced the Roman script there and have good experience. Students can easily grasp the sound and using them I their daily life, which also supports their English language skill as well.

  5. Appreciate the efforts of WATCA. Indeed it is great moment for all of us for having this achievement.

  6. Firstly Accept my Congratulations increase for wakhi programmes durations,
    Can i request from the Wakhi authority, Will it be possible if you can broadcast the same wakhi programmes on or on any other side, I mean to say live on net where as we the WAkhis staying out of the country can litsen to wakhi programmes daily including the news on net???
    If not possibly could find a way , if you can not broadcast it on net sites daily, will it be possible if you can atleast put the same programmes or the daily news on the net so we can view or litsen to the local news direct live on net or in recorded form???

    waiting to hear from the Wakhi culuture Assocition Authorities.

    We the wakhi people who are living out of Pakistan in foreign country can appreciate your efforts
    After all the world is now of Hi.TECH/

    Waiting to hear from you all for further improverments with my personal suggestions for Wakhi Bom-Dinyo

    All the best wishes for Coming Eid and for all the Wakhis around the globe, Keep Rocking……. Keep smiling…….

    Best wishes and Advance Eid Mubaraki to you all


    KD-Sultan- Dubai

  7. Good development indeed

    and such efforts always bring effective changes in the society while incresing the duration of the Wakhi programme from 30 minutes to 60 minutes on Radio Pakistan Gilgit will certainly provide enough time to Wakhi speakers living in the Northern Areas in particuler and bordering countries in genral.

    Ali Masud


  8. congratulation to WATCA for their great struggle to increse the duration of the wakhi programme .we need these kind of leaders who work for gojal.thanks to all the members of WATCA for their great job.

  9. @ KD – Sultan

    Dear KD, nothing is impossible in today’s hi tech world. All FM channels operating in Pakistan are available online, having global audience base.

    What is lacking is the vision and energy that can make such happenings possible.

    Internet has been available in Gilgit city for the past decade, but still we are confined to checking to emails, chatting and other useless activities. Your suggestion is highly commendable and on behalf of Pamir Times Team, I would like to render complete support for any such move. The technology and the resources are available in the region.

    All programs of Radio Pakistan Gilgit/Skardu, including Shina, Balti, Burushaski, Wakhi and Khowar, shall be webcast live through a central website operated by the Pakistan Broadcast Corporation. It will help the people living in other parts of Pakistan, as well rest of the world, to stay in touch with their home.

    I really apprecaite your suggestion.


  10. Congratulation to the Wakhi Speakers esepcially of Gilgit-Baltistan that the concerned authorities not only increased the duration of Wakhi transmission, but also acknowldged the importance of Wakhi Langauage. In the first insstance its a great extension of co-operation from the Radio Pakistan Athourity and its now upto the performers of the programme to preserve, promote thrie rich languadge and culture.
    Wish you all the best in comming years

  11. I am of the openion that, a genuine leader is not a followerof the old and rusted engraved path- leader is the one who looks for the glistering and shining paths in the DARKNESS. I do believe! Mr. Aslam and Mr. Abuzar Ali have the capacity of looking the backside of the picture.

    My special Congratulations to all the WAKHIX based in Gilgit-Specially Mr. Aslam, Abuzar and Mr. Sultan. I emphasise the suggestion by KD Sultan of Dubai-that will link us to our root. I am thankful to NOOR for appreciating KDSultan’s suggestion.


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