[GBLA Candidate Profile] Waheed Murad

Interviewed by Najeeb Ullah Naveed

Waheed Murad is a renowned artist from Sost Gojal Hunza. He is contesting the GBLA 2009 Election as an independent candidate from GL 6, Hunza. He has worked at different positions in various culture and tourism development agencies.

Pamir Times interviewed him to explore his priorities and vision for Hunza valley, his constituency.

PT: What inspired you to join the main stream politics of Gilgit-Bailtistan?

Waheed: Last year some people along with some young fellows from Hunza came to me and suggested that I shall run for the election contest. They thought that youth should be encouraged to take the lead, as we have more energy and vigor for working towards solutions. Majority of population of the area is composed of young people there is there is generation gap between the leadership and majority of masses.

I personally also feel that the current leadership has little knowledge of the actual issues related to the region and people in particular. They have based their politics on personnel agenda.

So after a series of discussions with many close associate, elder people from all three regions of Hunza and prominent social activists I decided to contest this year’ election.

PT: What are your main agendas for the up coming election campaign?

Waheed: As a cultural development expert and artist, I will take measures to promote the cultural heritage of the region.

I will work to develop tourism industry of the regions this area is home to beautiful mountains glaciers, valley and passes

I will try to develop linkages in world class research institutes to conduct research on all the four languages spoken in the area i.e. Burushaski, Wakhi, Shina and Domaki.

Also, I will foster research in the topographical and geographical documentation of the area. Which will pave a new way for the development of the area?

WMI will strive for getting three seats for Hunza region in the Gilgit-Bailtistan assembly.

I will establish three social secretariats in Hunza valley, one each in Gojal, Kunjut and Shinaki. These secretariats shall sever as spaces where the government and society come together to deliberate on social and general issues, and finding solutions in a democratic and participatory manner.

Further, I will develop linkages in the national and international markets for the agricultural and other products produced in the region.

Last, but not the least, I will use my personnel contacts to increase the reserved seats for the youth in all major universities of Pakistan

PT: Why you are contesting the election as an independent candidate?

Waheed: I was offered party tickets by various political parties but I feel by contesting through a party one has to give importance to Party manifesto rather than the actual issues the public is confronted with. I chose to contest independently so that I could concentrate the actual problems faced by the people than just focusing on the political agenda of a particular Party.

PT: How do you see the recent package given region by the Pakistan Government?

Waheed: I think there are some good points in there especially we got our recognition as a new nation, before this some people considered us Kashmiris and others Pathan.

But on political grounds we have not got enough, Especially Hunza region was totally ignored. As Hunza is the largest subdivision of Gilgit -Bailtistan and its population is well over 120 thousand. It is home to diversified society of four ethnic groups. So it was our right to have three to four seats in the Gilgit-Bailtistan Legislative assembly but currently we have only one seat.

PT: What are your expectations from the public?

Waheed: I am feeling confident As Hunza people are known for their wisdom. Almost 90% of the public is educated so I am sure they will elect the best candidate who is visionary, has awareness of the actual problems faced by people, and has the capabilities to solve them.

PT: Would you like to give any other message to the public especially youth?

Waheed: Consciences is the voice of soul. 


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  1. personally i am very shock to hear that mr.Waheed Murad to took part n participate election, coz his field is different.
    i am very close to know mr.waheed, he is very kind, good hearted persnol, and he is very famous person regard as his field but as politician i think that not good for him cos Painter life is different then Polictician.
    Suggestion: if he really want to involve politics then he must introduce himself and involve social work to our part.

    best wishes
    Roomi Farhat Beig Sostiq

  2. Where you were till now? I dont see any of your supporter in almost major part of Hunza. Dont waste your money or if you got money to divide someones vote?…please dont do it. Try to come for the Election of District Council.

  3. well it’s really amazing mr. waheed murad owner of khunjerab hotel now he is trying to be come a politician.. hummmmmmm well it’s good 4 new face, bt it’s very important to know his political back round?? He is knowing as artist very well and he can attract the people easily so best of luck upcoming GBLA 2009 Election.
    sher zaman

  4. Waheed! I know you got the worthy potential of social interactions and developing needful linkages, but it,s not enough dear, I know u r good guy, if u r really serious to get in the politics, i would suggest enter from the gross root level,,

  5. My dear,
    I only have one concern regarding you contesting election. I do not see your decision build on your own will, your saying that just because people asked you to contest is not enough, it shows you never were thought to contest elections. But i am really impressed with your manifesto and i find no other competitor yet with such manifesto, i hope if you get elected you will keep your words.
    I wish you God speed.

    P.S. Vision is more important than experience

  6. Waheed bai if you are really contesting the election then we are ready to support you, but your past political record is showing that you will withdraw in favor of Gazanfars son, how come uncle Aziz allow you to divide Gazanfars vote?impossible

    better try your luck in Union council election, 100% vote guarantee from my town


  7. Dear Waheed,
    I am not commenting now .I ll write my comments after the game good luck.

  8. Good Luck with your political career. I know you have the basic qualifications to become a good politician, but I wish you should have started from the grass root level first as we all know that politics is the dirtiest game of any known games when it is practiced in country like Pakistan, else where it is the other way around.

    We need young and educated people like Waheed Murad to take active participation in politics to reverse the trend of negative politics where people with money earned from corruption, drugs and commissions bulldoze the public votes just to remain in the corridors of politics for protection of their ill practices and further looting and plundering the public funds.

    I know the high number of contestants will benefit the big fishes as such a high contesting polls usually divide the serious votes making the job easier for those who have other designs to buy votes.

    I wish Waheed Gook luck, once again

  9. Dear Waheed

    Once you and your family stop supporting the so called Mir. family of Hunza…. we all will support you…. I dont think that you would be able to contest election against mirs and rajas of Hunza…..

    If you, than have good luck….. but one thing is very importantant that you have to affiliate yourself with one school of thought… left or right…. there is no third school of thought. The so called nationalists are actually right wing …. they are not progressive and that is clear… I only know Ehsan adovocate you have been supporting principles in politics among nationalists…..

    what are your agendas… what change do you foresee ….. how you are going to get the support of people, how will you motivate the voters of mirs to support you because honestly i think that they the people who will vote you…. what tactics would you use against mir..

    these are the things you have to think about…..otherwise it is challenging rather misleading by posting your profile….

  10. Man you need to build on your vote bank . I m afraid you are not little known in lower part of the valley. try to concenrate on that. try to establish a poling sations in Pindi/Islamabad and Karachi If you wana Strengthen yur vote bank

    best of luck

  11. Do not be fool guys,

    No doubt Waheed’s manisfesto is attractive. I am hundred percent sure this has been written by someone else. I know Waheed since last twenty years and these are not his thoughts. Anyway you have the right to ………………….

    Waheed bhai
    Your family has been supporting Mir since the first election of Hunza. I believe everyone has the right to improve himself on any stage but still you it is so soon for you to become in this election ………..

    Best of luck

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