A case of ‘mistaken identity’, eight GB students spend night in police custody

by A Reporter

Lahore, October 21: Eight students belonging to different parts of Gilgit – Baltistan had to spend a night in Race Course police station, Lahore, because the police considered them to be Afghan nationals.

According to information received by Pamir Times two students from Baltistan and six others from all three parts of Hunza were detained for a night by the local police. The students produced their identity documents but the police wanted to verify the same from NADRA database.

Didar Ali Hunzai, an active social worker based in Lahore, used his personal contacts to bail the students out with help of other friends. Talking to Pamir Times Didar said that due to tighter security control the police wasn’t taking any chances so the youth of Gilgit – Baltistan need to carry their identity documents along. He said that the detention case in no way means that the people of GB are being targeted in any way.

Similarity in physical features, like skin color and physique, often make it difficult for people to distinguish between Pukhtoons, Afghanis and people of Gilgit – Baltistan.

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  1. With the prevailing security situation in the whole country and especially people living in the big cities are exposed do many risks and the incidence of Lahore is one of them. It is need of the hour that every one is aware of these hazards and risks and also to take appropriate steps for their protection and safety.

    I would suggest some important points to minimize the risks around us:

    1. Avoid to stay outside unnecessarily and should rush back to our homes/hostels immediately after completing our tasks outside.

    2. Shopping of the necessary household items in bulk to minimize our visits of the markets and places of rush.

    3. Avoid unnecessary traveling to cities the security situation improves.

    4. Those living in Hostels are especially required to re assess the situation around them as these hostels may be considered for closure as terrorists can easily take shelter and may take the incumbents hostage.

    5. Avoid confrontation or resistance if any security agency wants them to get themselves identified, Everyone should have more then one identity documents to prove your identity.

    6. Leave the cities if your institutions have been closed for indefinite period.

    7. Avoid places of rush like supermarkets, parks, restaurants and re schedule your tasks to times of less rush.

    8. Inform the security agencies if you see suspicious activities or personnel around you and cooperate in a manner that does not hurt yourself.

    9. Help each other by taking care of those living around you especially in situations of emergency.

    May Mowla be our Pusht Panah in these very difficult times.

  2. thanx GOD They r now safe..!! an advice to student like me to take their necessary documents by them..!!

  3. Dear and Respected everyone of Glt-Blt!
    We are, in the light of ground realities, guest-citizen of this beloved host-country. our identity for decades were ‘ anonymous Northern Areas’ without any constitutional rights. We need to care for our own selves during such situations the country and the countries of the whole western-asia and south-asia regions are passing through. Be bold and articulate your identity and live according to the legal norms of the country as guest citizens. Never become part of activities that exploits your faith or any dear/respectable identity reference.

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