[PT Election Cell] Candidate Profile – Arif Hussain

Mr Arif Hussain is contesting elections from LA 6, Hunza. He has recently returned from UK after completing his education. He is a young enegetic and optimistic candidate having potential to ARHSstruggle for resolution of many issues which the people of Hunza facing currently. He is the only candidate in Hunza elections who is not involved himself in the contest but the people of Hunza have asked him to come forward and struggle to resolve the long standing issues.

He hails from a noble family of Ganish Hunza, and he is the youngest of three brothers, inclduing Mubarak & Nasir Hussain. His brothers are involved in tourism industry and have links across Europe and the United States.  Based in Islamabad the family has cordial relations with central figures of the federal government.

Arif has started visiting different places for his election compaign along with notables, elders and young people from all parts of Hunza. So far he has visited Khyber, Gulmit, Shishket, Ahmedabad, Sarat and Gharaiyat in upper and central Hunzal. He has also opened  election offices in Ali abad, Ganish & Murtaza abad and he will soon inaugurate election offices in Khyber, Sost, Gulmit & Shinaki.

Responding to a question Arif said, “I think I can make a difference as I have gained experience for 5 years by studying and living in the United Kingdom. I know I can use to make differences for the betterment of the people of Hunza. I have the commitment, perseverance and determination for the needs of the people of Hunza”.

Unveiling his plans for the future Arif says, “I have gained enough skills to get my voice heard efficiently and effectively. I will be organising a youth conference to get your thoughts and opinions on how to improve Hunza valley. I feel confident that I can represent you honestly and fairly. I have the skills to get your views heard efficiently and effectively. AH2I am committed and will work hard to make your dreams come true”.

Outlining his personality traits Arif said, “I’m a friendly, caring person who believes strongly in being fair and taking everybody’s opinion into account. No matter who you are, I will listen to your views and share them withother people who want to make a difference”.

Arif requests the people of Hunza “to put forward concerns, ideas and opinions”. He promises that once elected he would produce a manifesto based on wishes of the people. ” I will make sure that our issues are represented in the newly established assembly and solutions to the longstanding demands of Hunza are obtained according  to the will and needs of the people of Hunza”.

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  1. i think he is the best candidate because he has alot of experience, he has seen places and can communicate better with the people..i hope he wins the election and make hunza a better place!!!!!!

  2. I think Arif is the best candidate because he has the new ideas and got alot of potential and other than this he is concentrating on the youth of Hunza who are the future of Hunza so plz vote for him please.MAKE UR FUTURE.





    ???????????? ANSWER ME

  4. As i know this chap from last 6 years ,i have seen him a sincere ,honest and loving person,and always ready to do a lot for his own people,i know he got a lot of potential that he can bring new changes and development in that region .
    So i wish him best of luck and Cheers.

  5. I have to make two relevant comments. (1) It has not been mentioined as to what kind of education Mr.Arif has completed.
    (2) Manifesto is given before the election for the evaluation of the candidate’s program by the voters.It is general practice all over the world.

  6. Its good to see a young and educated person in the field of politics. But my concern is, one can only wish to get selected without a clear Manifesto. I cant ask people to select me because I am a yound, educated and dedicated person and I will formulate my manisfesto once got selected.

    Mr. Arif should formulate a clear Manifesto for himself and based on that he should request people to select him as their representative. This is what i think.

  7. I think Mr. Arif is very good candidate for up coming elections, he is from youth of today and can understand the problems and has the ability to face difficulties. The only thing lacking is political background which will effect him because most of the people believes in traditional politics still, any way I wish Mr. Arif all the best……………. we really need people of modern era.

    Almaty KZ.

  8. I think it better to ask Mr Arif directly what sort of educational back ground he has and from which university he has been to.

    Too many Pakistani and Kashmiri people living in UK doesn’t have any proper education. i don’t think so if someone spent 5 or 10 years in UK would have proper education.
    as far as his brother Nasir, never been to any University either in Pakistan nor in UK.

    Best of Luck

    1. me aap k saath itifaq karta huun. england me ya kahi aor rehne se Hunza ya oppressive pakistan ki politics ka tajarba kaise ho sakta he.?

    2. Hey Kiran, Good point to ask Arif what kindof education he has, I know Arif Hussain since College time, and I will explain his and his Brother Nasir’s profile for you here.
      Arif has successfully completed his Intermediate level from H-8 College Islamabad and he was an active participant since then, It was about the rights for NAs, or students problmes in Hunza, he has moved to Uk and did his Graduation Communications,
      Nasir Hussain has done his BA from the same college and completed his Master’s in tourisim from London City college in UK, hope that is enough,
      I guess he is the only educated guy participating in elections, could you please reply this and educate us about the rest of the candidtaes ?
      Thank you

  9. the guy does not looks like an educated person… he may be a good social worker but not necessary will be a good political person, the family backgroud does not matter, how much influntional ….

    1. Baig , I think we should not comment unless we have something in hand to write or say, You do not know but just saying ( does not look like ) its your personal opinion, I guess we need a social worker more then a political person, because our blood was sucked by POLITICAL PERSONS for so many decades…Family background matters alot my brother, if not then ( so called ) people have never won ,,,hope you understand what I mean ??
      This is a time for Hunza people to show the world, that
      Are Hunzuktz really educated enough to vote educated people ?
      Its time for them to decide whether they vote BATHA GROUP or defaluters or may be racist people…..

      Are Hunzukutz really broad minded and peace loving people ?

  10. I am really happy to see a young leader who have completed his education from Uk and now came and stand in the row of poltical leaders.well as i am from village Khyber and this young leader has visited and already met the far as concern about his political back ground we dont required to talk about it.cos young leader has just joind in this battle.i hope public will not refuse him.and other hand public will observe who will be the best for future leader.any how good luck dear.

    Rahmat Karim Nizari

  11. Some of the facts about Arif Hussain :-

    Arif Hussain,is educated ( has done his graduation in UK )
    Arif Hussain, is an active member since his college life, beyond racisim and other conflicts Arif Hussain has helped students from Hunza, Gilgit, Nagar, Skardu and Diamir,
    Arif Hussain,was the first Leader in 1997 protested infront of Parliment House for Two Innocent Girls from Ghizer,

    Though Arif Hussain is not experienced but we are confident in his abilities and skills that he will bring in a change in society and will direct Hunza towards a right path.

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