NASA releases latest image of dammed Hunza River

Obtained on August 3, 2011 Source: NASA

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  1. I saw it live on my computer with Google Maps yesterday, which is really amazing, when you think about it. Fourteen years ago, we drove through there. Now, all is underwater. Very sad for everyone affected. Is there anything that can be done?

  2. grateful to show the picture. the affected people are demanding release of water accumulated in the area. Many farmers have lost their livelihoods,most small farmers up strem hunza river used to grow potato for market.. no more now, the transportation cost has increased–boat service is unreliable and have additional cost for transportatin. tourist did not visit the area due to difficulties in traveling and that has negative impect on the income of local people!!

    The government had promised to release the water in a week time but it is over 18 months no sign of serious efforts is demonstarted.


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