First ever Burushaski Rap Song – A sign of things to come


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  1. Please Rapers an edit it in the last there is an extreme valgure English word/And Please PT its something against our very basic ethics


  2. awesome great work guys. keep it up. keep it up. nice effort. one day u ;ll achieve wht ever u want. just follow your dream….bless u all.
    god bless you

  3. wow its really amazing guyz keep it up one day u be the 50 cent or eminem……i wish your dream come true…and God bless u guyz….do the best to get the best…..we are with you guys ….rock it… u mh

  4. Hi,
    It is weird; I really don’t understand why Pamir team posted this information on their website. I think none of you went through this song. It is really very hurting as the singer used many obnoxious languages in his lyrics…..when you will go through…. it is really conflicting to our culture & elegance………. we should encourage our youth’s contribution but the same time we need to guide them as well (it is my perception & understanding…)
    Hope, Pamir team will be careful about the copyright and language fragility……

    All the best Pamir times

  5. Is this the Hunza culture? for me its a big joke with the language and culture… This is the American culture.. if i m not wrong…


    malang jon

  6. well done guys well done:
    this is a great achievement, u hv to work a lot to attain more in the future……….. so a good journey ahead………. warm wishes

    this is all about in the development of Hunza, and we hv to contribute.


  7. i truly agree that this song contains lots of abusive stuff….


    whatever abusive language they have used has become part of our life…i mean…admit it…almost every one uses it

    so what is the big difference?????

    At least they have tried to be a little creative.
    we unknowingly are setting such trendz for our next generation.

    time to think!!!

  8. I have heard many rapper from Africa, they rap against injustices have done to them by their leaders; it is nice when you have a message in it. when you use abuse words and know that it is not accepted in our culture then stop it. You have talent use it for the benefit of our culture and youth. Some time I wander, why do we always take the bad part about other culture, why not the good part????

  9. yeap,

    m agree with some statements over here, jigar i have heard rap music by u tube, some abusing words lies here…….. if this is possible ammend it, to carry our culture in moral way.

    with regards


  10. well attempt…..
    i found one thing acrimonious, that the words are unethical,,
    if you use literal words will be better and it will enhance you talent,
    so it is overall well initiation.

    wish you all the best.

    University of Karachi

  11. well, i n my song there are a bad words but not as dirty as you guys think they arre ok…so i wonder why everybody finds out the mistakes you gotta learn how to face em..i mean we need to accept that they are part of us….anyways in my next song “moms cry” i will try not to use those bad thangs …

  12. well done mamato bhai. em realy happy when i came to know ab out your this brillian effort. keep your this marvellous efffort up.hope for the best in future.

  13. Awsome work man! I love bee-jay!
    I enjoy working with this guy a lot. We are planning to do a couple more eng/burushaski rap songs together. It’ll be real fun!
    Hope everyone enjoys it!

  14. well thanks guys!
    its great man you all heard of me huh? tahnks shady i love you too…

  15. Its was terrible.. They aren’t doing their own thing (Hunzakuts are respectful people who live nice simple lives) we dont regard ourselves as bitches n hoes plus we dont have any CADILLACS in Hunza.. unoriginal. A bad image for HipHop + Burushaski.

  16. hey guys chillax…i think B-J and shaddy hv done a grt8 job…luv their songs… curse words r part of every language… i thnk its a nice combination…

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