[Ghizar by-election] "Open the shop in your own constituency", Naji advises Ali Madad Sher

Naji and supporters addressing an election campaign in Ishkoman

Karim Ranjha

Chatorkhand, April 25: (TR) The people of Ishkoman and Punial will not sell their votes for bags of chemical fertilizers and wheat. The voters might be poor but they are politically mature people and their conscience cannot be bought through dirty tactics.

These views were expressed by Supreme Leader of his own faction of the Balawaristan National Front, Nawaz Khan Naji, while addressing an election campaign in Chatorkhand, Ishkoman.

He said that the PPP leadership has made wrong assumptions about priorities of the voters.

The Nationalist leader accused PPP of harassing voters by threatening them with blockade of funds provided through BISP cards, if they did not vote for PPP.

He advised PPP leader and GB Education Minister, Ali Madad Sher, to “open the shop in his own constituency”.

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