Army moves in to evacuate vulnerable population in Hunza – Nagar and Gilgit

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PT Report

Gilgit, May 16: Contingents of Pakistan Army have been mobilized to evacuate vulnerable communities living on both sides of the Hunza River in Gilgit and Hunza – Nagar Districts.

According to information the Special Communications Organization of Pakistan Army has established an optic fiber link between Attabad and Karimabad to communicate the lake outburst or spillover information in real time.

It is pertinent to note here that Pakistan Army, FOCUS Pakistan and the District Administration of Hunza – Nagar have jointly been monitoring the lake from a monitoring camp established by FOCUS in Attabad, Hunza.  The internet linkup of Attabad and Karimabad is being seen as a very important step taken by the SCO.

In the meanwhile Pakistan Army has been called in to evacuate vulnerable populations from the downstream areas. Representatives of District Administration, FOCUS Pakistan and other organizations have been visiting the downstream villages to convince the people to leave their houses and shift to safer locations.

Tent villages have been established by the District Administrations, FOCUS Pakistan and Pakistan Red Crescent Society at different locations to accommodate the potential IDPs.

Pakistan Army will forcefully evict the vulnerable population if they don’t leave their houses in time because the threat of a flooding disaster seems to be approaching fast.

There are reports that two new seepages have developed on the lake barrier, at toe of the spillway.

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