Army moves in to evacuate vulnerable population in Hunza – Nagar and Gilgit

PT Report

Gilgit, May 16: Contingents of Pakistan Army have been mobilized to evacuate vulnerable communities living on both sides of the Hunza River in Gilgit and Hunza – Nagar Districts.

According to information the Special Communications Organization of Pakistan Army has established an optic fiber link between Attabad and Karimabad to communicate the lake outburst or spillover information in real time.

It is pertinent to note here that Pakistan Army, FOCUS Pakistan and the District Administration of Hunza – Nagar have jointly been monitoring the lake from a monitoring camp established by FOCUS in Attabad, Hunza.  The internet linkup of Attabad and Karimabad is being seen as a very important step taken by the SCO.

In the meanwhile Pakistan Army has been called in to evacuate vulnerable populations from the downstream areas. Representatives of District Administration, FOCUS Pakistan and other organizations have been visiting the downstream villages to convince the people to leave their houses and shift to safer locations.

Tent villages have been established by the District Administrations, FOCUS Pakistan and Pakistan Red Crescent Society at different locations to accommodate the potential IDPs.

Pakistan Army will forcefully evict the vulnerable population if they don’t leave their houses in time because the threat of a flooding disaster seems to be approaching fast.

There are reports that two new seepages have developed on the lake barrier, at toe of the spillway.

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  1. In such scenerio,,,the only glimps glitters is;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;MAY ALLAH SAVE OUR HUNZA AND PEOPLE OF HUNZA,,,,,AS THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION LEFT,,,,,,

  2. I can’t believe nothing has been done to prevent the coming disaster. This is nothing but sheer insanity. Next question is whose interests it will serve ? This is the only logical explanation, someone must have a profitable reason to let the catastrophe happen.
    May Allah help the people of Hunza & Indus valleys.

  3. On behalf of peoples of Gojal, we would like to thanks FOCUS for helping the people of Gojal, monitoring the landslide barrier ( Deedar and Wali their geologist hv done great works–thanks), bring in international experts like Dr Dave Petley,Italians,etc. We will not forget the good works FOCUS has done—Thank you.

    We should now fully cooperate with Pakistan Army,Local administration and FOCUS in orderly evacuation, we have to help each other like brothers and sisters in spirit of Islam,
    next few days are going to be crucial.We should show discipline that our religion teaches. Inshallah , the government, International donor agencies and AKDN will help us build back better.

  4. Its good, But i think no need to do so, as they were acting since January 4, 2010. The Army (FWO) were able to Minimize the losses of properties of People of Ayenabad, Shiskat and Gulmit. But their inabilities to tackle the situation in Hunza really tells the story. One thing is very clear after this crisis, that we have to do everything ourselves, not to look for the Govt. authorities or Political leaderships (they are living in fouls paradise). we are proud of what the FOCUS has done out of their mandate, keep it up

    GOD Bless our Home Land.

  5. ‘FOCUS Pakistan’ a noun phrase and is actually an AKDN-Affiliate. Without proper mentioning that seems a state owned institution. We are proud of our state run institutions and their contributions to support the affetees of the disaster. However the confusion needs to be articulated clarified.

  6. pak_army is just guessing the dam will brust… they don have the knoledge about such situation… ef they are alerting or displacing peoples from the danger zone… then in a situation of brust, it will work, and the pplz will b save… !!!!!

  7. What has the Army done to deserve our appreciation and thanks? Would you care to explain Timur?

    FWO, a specialized branch of the Pakistan Army, has not been able to complete its target because it did not deploy the required number of machines and men and wanted to save money.

    Had the FWO worked diligently, major portions of Shishkat and Gulmit could have been saved.

    FWO is the single factor that has converted this natural disaster into a man-made, mismanaged/mishandled, disaster.

    What is the difference between 30 meters excavation target and 13 meters actual work?

    1. I agreed 100% with you dear , these all happen due ignorance of gov’t of Pakistan as well as the fainéant leaders of Hunza , we have still time to acquire our rights from Gov’t , for this we have united , otherwise we have to face difficult time ahead

  8. FWO is the very curropt contracting firm of Pak Army, KKH maintenance job sublet by NHA is self explanatory, and now we the people of Hunza suffering based on FWO’s incompetant planning and forcast. May Allaha Save our People,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. FWO IS the Main corrupt Organization of Gilgit.Baltistan

    Shame to all GB Administration for not solving the prblems of Hunza lake for past 5 Months.We are cannot get help or Expect any help from govt of Pakistan becouse this disaters happend from God,but our Govt and Administration were not Sincerely helping the Gojal public in Solving this situations,Now we the People of Hunz Gojal,have to help ourself, Becouse no one will help us.Thats for sure

    With due request i appeal to every Gojali or other brothers whoever wants to travel upstream or down stream must be very careful.Summer time our river water is very dangerous as you all know, your life is more important to all of us.Everyone must take safety measures before they could plan to travel on this lake,Your safety must most important.Take care of yourself and your love ones.
    Thank you.

  10. I am amazed at the positive response people have posted to the government and army efforts. I am also depressed and exasperated at the floating ice berg criticism slicing the motivation and the hearts of people engaged in such efforts.
    No doubt how better can the people living there would know what can be done? But no body writes how and what should have been mobilized or planned?
    Are we discussing a land slide just next door?

    ali mansoor/lahore

  11. salam
    to the effected people of our beloved homeland hunza and surrounding areas…..
    Our best wishes,prayers and every kind of help is for u all opeople……
    may allah bless and shower his blessings all of u…
    praying 4 u wid every breath.
    wali ullah falahi s/o muzaffar hussain (oshikhandass) now in lahore

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