[PT Election Cell] News Roundup

  • Addressing a public rally in Chilas – Diamir, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif asked the people to vote for PMLN candidates. He also said that Diamir is the gateway of Gilgit – Baltistan. “Looking at the thousands of people who have come out to listen to me, I can proudly say that Diamir is a hub of PMLN”, the elder Sharif said
  • Leaders of Jamit-e-Ulama Islam are visiting Gilgit, Chilas, Darel and Tangir today to address election rallies. It is being expected that these leaders would announce to take two representatives of Gilgit – Baltistan into the Kashmir Counil, as observers
  • In LA – 3, Gilgit, Muhammad Ali Kashfi withdrew from the election race in favor of PPP’s Aftab Haider
  • Independent candidate Haji Fida Hussain from LA – 4, Nagar, has said that he will spend all his entitlements as MLA for public welfare
  • newMaulana Khalil Qasmi has announced his support for PPP candidate Jameel Ahmed in LA 1, Gilgit, along with his family members and relatives
  • Federal Minister Arbab Alamgeer Khan has visited different parts of Gilgit Bazar to convince the traders to support PPP candidates
  • Kamil Jan, MQM candidate in Hunza, has started his election tour of Shimshal valley. He earlier visited different villages of the valley to win votes
  • “Sujjo Hunzu”, a local cable TV channel, has been broadcasting election speeches of various candidates, including Shehbaz Khan and Noor Muhammad, in Kunjut/Hunzu

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