[Attabad disaster] Protest against government inaction

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  1. dear mr noor muhammad unfortunately we miss the chance and elect out puppet leader wazir where all the people of gilgit baltistan are mouring over natural disater ,our puppet leadership mehdi shah is busy in so called party activities ,shame on him i these circumstances he should conclude his visit to punjab and come back to gilgit baltistan ,shame on wazir baig ,technocrate and cm ,we condemn you all and reject ur offers to effecties.

    1. So what would have been different in the presence of CM there… nothing, we all condemn him, we all curse him for that… but it is not and has not been a political issue… simply it was a natural calamity which could not have been reverted even by the presence of President Zardari or Prime Minister. It is very unfortunate that due to certain constraints and other factors, the previous leadership and government failed to take care of the people on time that is the main factor of our frustration.
      Let me make one thing clear, we the people of GB are politically not mature yet, so is Mr. Mehdi Shah who is, I believe, a Jiyala not a political figure. Another thing the people of Hunza does not have any role in his election and selection than why should jiyala care? When the Chief of NALA being a Hunazakut did not care about the people of Atabad why should a non local CM ….? We know it was his utmost duty to be with the people there, but…
      Now, condemning Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah… for what? It does not make any sense. Both were there from the very first day of the incident. Both are doing their level best to handle the situation. aino i am sorry to say you are going beyond rational sphere. It is not proper time for political bashing. I can understand your frustration, but it is not the proper time to explode it. Burning tires, demonstrating against the government, blocking roads, demonstrations… all good, easy thing to do, joyful, motivating…but ineffective. It may raise the political bars of “the politicians”, but will never help the people of Atabad to recover. It is easy to say we reject your offer than bear the consequences of this rejection. So please do not speak your political frustration depict the sufferings of the victims…

  2. Indeed Noor Muhammad was the right leader to lead Hunza and cope with such crucial moments,,,,but this ……PPP govt. and some selfish factors rigged the whole election scenerio.

  3. Every one of us is shocked at this catastrophic disaster in the Hunza Valley. We are watching the progress on the relief initiatives from the first moments of the tragedy. The community response from across Hunza and especially nearby areas in central Hunza has been very prompt as has always been as tradition a in the face of any such natural disaster. The Speaker GBLA Mr. Wazir Baig and Mr. Mutabiat Shah got to the spot within four hours after the incident and have been monitoring the rescue and relief efforts since. The local administration was there within an hour of the disaster and are continuously working day and night. President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the governor GB have taken the incident with all seriousness and instructed concerned authorities to do everything that is necessary besides monetary compensation of the direct affectees. General Farooq of NDMA rushed into the area with helicopters and his rescue team the very next morning and has since been in the area for last four days monitoring visiting the area almost every day. FOCUS, Red Cross AKDN and several other NGOs also went in with supplies and all kind of help and are still coming into the area as the list of affectees is growing with the level of the water in the artificial dam.

    It is very sad to know that there are some people out there playing politics on the graves of those innocent and unfortunate people on the roads in Hunza and in Islamabad to gain their political mileage out of this situation. There have some incidents in which some so called politicians misbehaved with the visitors for relief initiatives. This is a test case for us all and we need to calm down and come forward as a composed community leaving aside our minor political differences and come up the call of time as a disciplined people and find warmth in our hearts for every one of those who have come to help us from whatever background they may be and stop politicizing the issue.

  4. Shame on Current representatives of Hunza who elected through rigged election. Mr. Jan Alam you must realize that no one is playing politices on the graves of our borthers & sisters. I must mention that I from the same area where this disaster happened. I shame on our representatives where are they at this time of disaster. Visiting the area is not support for the victimized people but it is only for their own advertisement. Our representatives, Wazir Baig & Mutabiat Shah, totally failed to highlight it in national & international media. Mr. Jan I questioned you whether Mr. Wazir Baig or Mutabiat Shah visited Altit where displaced people are sheltering.
    I salute Volunteers & scouts for their untiring efforts. Once again shame on our representatives.

  5. It is certainly tragic moment for all of us to loss valuable lives, which never be replaced. People are working with bar hands around the clock to look for survivals.

    The natural disasters happen everywhere around the world. The respond and support from the community matters the most. I am proud to say the respond from the Jamat and relief organisations is tremendous. Let us be united to go through this tough time.
    Self-help is crown of Hunza people. Let us be proud of that.Today is not the time to talk about our political differences.

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