CM yet to visit disaster site

Mehdi Shah, GB chief minister, addressing women wing of PPP in Lahore on January 6, 2009. APP Photo

Many people expected that the first chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan would pay a visit to the disaster affected Attabad village of Hunza Valley. However, it seems that the Jiyala CM prefers party affairs over sentiments of the citizens of Hunza valley.

The chief minister needs to realize that announcing two hundred thousand rupees to compensate loss of life is not going to suffice.

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  1. He is busy pleasing the Party leadership in Lahore and today he is leaving for Karachi. He himself is proving to be puppet. what so ever but i am really dissappointed from CM GB.

    1. Knowing that he was,he is ,he will be puppet the leadership has appointed as CM..this is not their fault dear its time to awake the ppl of GB who were chanting slogans for these leadership..its useless of Cry now………………………

  2. This is veered. Party activities can be done round the year but this is a crucial time and affectees need solace and special care. I just cant understand what the leadership is thinking of disasters and emergencies. When a celbrity dies, every body cries but when hundreds of families loose their near and dear ones they are ignored in such a disgusting manner. Alas!

    As a nation we can propsper only if we start respecting each and every citizen and give them equal attention, right and due care. This gesture from the CM portrays nothing different than the traditional leadership which craves for vote and than vanishes for the rest of five years.


  3. This reflects a bad show! CM should have shown his presence at the site in the 2nd day if not first of the the disaster. I guess this should be the responsibility of the members of LA from Hunza to ask CM to visit the site.

    Its vital for civil society organizations to educate our members to understand their priority engagements and demonstarte their care for the people in a time of emergencies.


  4. I think he has never been to these citiies, stayed in luxury hotels, with protocols. or may be he is uncertain of his position, doesnt know how long is he going to stay as the CM, thus he wants to utilize these golden opportunities. I dont understand what type of activities he got to deal with in lahore and karachi?. Why dont he just cancel his current plan and return to GB, he can go on an explore pakistan tour later on


  5. This is what it has been keep telling from the begining that PPP are just jiyala for salogans but not for actions,,,,specially this CM is known for keeping his concentration within the Baltistan jurisdiction,,,,,,but it,s a big dilema that in such a crucial time rigged based captured PPP govt. is unable to provide some solid requirements to the affectess of this natural disaster.

  6. A sincere and real leader leaves aside all his engagement to be with his people at the hour of misfortune. Nothing is more precious than human lives. Sometims I feel whether we are one nation?
    I have all along been saying that if the dispensation at the local level happens to be part of the party at the centre,then it becomes a puppetry show and package or no package, there is no impact on the lives of common man. A couple of people who have managed to win the election enjoy perks and priviliges. They have filled the rserved seats for women, technocrats and council members by their cronies.
    Whether Governor is local or non-local does not make any difference for the common man unless we select sincere, nationalist leaders like Nawaz Naji to wrest powers for our common people and not for the elites.

  7. I agree with Sultan Bhai. This is a real shame for the people of G&B as their first ever CM is not able to schedule his visit to one of the most disastrous accidents, in history, site of Ataabad-Hnza. He seems not bothered by the magnitude of damages of human life and proprties of the people of the Ataabad–Bala,Payeen and Sarat Villages. For what so ever reasons that proves the ethical bankruptcy of the CM and the ruling Party in G&B.

  8. Its really matter of shame for CM Mehdi , he must know that his duty is to serve the people of GB people not the womwn wing of Lahore this shows his sincerity towards area.Instead of visitng the affected area by postpone his all schdule he is wandering in other cities ignoring his constiuency.

    Similary another real face of so called democratic parties are now clear.Before election all heads visit GB for votes now every leaders are visitng Karachi for sympathy for Bolton market but no one is visitng our area.No doubt it is great loss also but if one he is sincere with common people then thy should see all of them equally.
    Lastly the so called free media of Pakistan their important issue is Meera scandal ….shame on you Tv channels.

    Allah Khair karai……Ameen.


  9. we should not expect these sort of things from CM or any GM coz these are not working for the poor people these are purely the puppets of their corrupt leaders.Those are our leaders who are working right now in the middle of the disaster area and we must proud of these people.


  11. Being the “lord” of the entire GB, it was CM’s utmost duty to cancel all of his so-called personal and official engagements and visit the affected area. See what has had happened and sooth the people, at least. We don’t expect much from him as we know that he is a professional jiyala who knows nothing but enchanting slogans like …zindabad, mudabad, na manzoor & aye ga bhai aye ga etc. It is the most unethical and despicable response from the CM. He must remember that now he is representing the entire GB, which Hunza is a part of, not only Skardu or his village or those who vote him. He must realize that now he has to share both the joy and pain of the people living in every corner of GB, from Klik at China border to Langar at NWFP boarder. Nevertheless, why should he be concerned about the people in Hunza? Hunzakuts never vote him. He was elected by the people of Baltistan and selected by his bosses in Islamabad. He is busy in pleasing his bosses in Islamabad, figuring out who will get how much from the next GB budget. He is there searching for some “suitable” female governor for GB from Punjab or Sindh.
    He must be ashamed of his approach. What is he doing in Lahore and Karachi? It is not something extra ordinary to announce few thousand rupees for the victims of this disaster. Anybody could have announced that amount on behalf of the government. What was important was his personal visit of the area; soothing the sufferers, telling them I am here to share your sufferings. It was enough for the people of Hunza, they would have not expected more. This approach also open another window of assumption towards him, for example, CM has intentionally ignored visiting the area because he is from Baltistan and he does not share the ethnic and religious background with the people of Hunza, People will also say, had there been a cultural show somewhere in Chipursan or Shimshal valley the CM would have rushed there to receive garland, a cap and a chugha and on top of all a Yak. Do you think Mr. CM the people of Hunza are wrong, biased or prejudice…? CM people will think like this as well and you have to clarify your position.

  12. Where is so-called free Media in this catastrophic incident….
    It’s really shocking and astonishing to see the indifferent attitude of the Pakistani media especially the electronic media. I slam the attitude of so-called free media and press; scores of people have been perished, dozens are missing, river has been blocked causing a severe danger for the adjacent areas but none of the TV channels are giving covering to this tragic incident. The private TV channels are busy in live discussions on NRO and other petty matters while they have no concern with the loss of life of so many. Why this discrimination, raise your voice against this biasness and injustice with our beautiful area.

  13. It is total irresponsibility .He should imediately resign from his post.this shows that how lazy and selfish he is and also how much sincere he is with the people of GB .

  14. i would just mention where are all the party heads of each political wings of the country who were roundly visiting village to village only for the sake of votes a couple of months ago , today its a horrible moment out there and the victims need a real special care and sympathy.
    the current heads of the GB- assembly should not show themselves to be the real puppets of the so called assembly rather they must try to become effective members of that honored assembly.

  15. it seems that CM is fullfiling his wishes travelling different cities of pakistan. he is getting Protocol every where, media coverage and personal publicity.,so why shud he go to the effected area of Hunza??? he has become the CM and he doesnt need our votes any more at least for five years….

  16. nam hi kafi hen Mehdi Shah
    G-B ka para lika wazir-ala

    sab imdad ke liye jane lege Hunza
    CM sab karachi ko hua rawana

    sab hel hunza pershan ba-daste dua
    CM ko yaad agiya samander ki awa

    G-B ko mila pakage me ye ohda
    kya CM ne pura awam se wada..?

  17. Wounderful Chief Minister of GB your own house is burning and you are visiting Lahor and Karachi. This shows the mentality of our leaders at least he should have visited the place and shared the sorrows and greifs with the people who are going through the difficult time of their lives.

    Ali Masud


  18. shame on u mehdi shah where we all the people of GB are mouring over disater and still 6 brothers are missing ,you are enjoying in karachi as a puppet.also shame on the people who elect the ppp leaders through rigging and you gave prefrence to 1000 rupees of Banazir income support over your future,you are facing the result no any press conference by puppets and no any political leader visit relief camp except ismaili council and ismaili khidmatgars ,today we are destroyed ,more then 1200 people are displaced and lost all their belongings .their dears and nears .we condemn ppp govt and wazir biag

  19. Tis post is to big for him,so he flew from the cold weathers of GB and landed in warm waters of Karachi for him who cares if Hunza is in pain, lets hope we will get a true and carng CM soon

  20. Mr. CM.. Really very disappointed with you. You should be the one to visit the effect area first and be there with the people in the time of need. These visits don’t mean any thing if your people in the area are in deep trouble (unless you have any personal agenda). I simply say that you can not run the governments if you do not care for the people and the people are who elect you either you are CM or etc…


  21. Yaar Woh PPP Ka Kathaputi hai..Aapka numayinda nahee..Uss se Tawaqu’aat mat rakhna..protocol jo mila hai..abhi hawawooon mai hai

  22. It is sheer ignorance on the part of CM as on the first incidence of natural disaster after his government in is office and he was not there to show sympathy to the people.

    This will damage the party’s image very badly as it is already struggling a trust deficit amongst the people. I hope our elected representatives will convey the grief, the people of Hunza are feeling on these times to the Chief Minister and the Assembly for their lack of interest and neglect.

    He should have postponed these visits and be among the people to sympathize and personally monitor the relief and rescue operation to win the hearts of the people but I think he does not give importance to the people.

  23. Sham on this man- he is incompetnent and does not fit for this position- Should resign and let other party leaders to do the job

  24. Dear All

    May Allah give patience to all the effecties of this horrifying dissaster and bring normalcy in the area soon.

    As far as the role of puppit CM of the so called demotcratic party of Pakistan is concerned, it is expectedly understood, CM is very busy in his party meetings here in lahore, and enjoying party dinners, he must be ashamed of his conduct.The people of Hunza should realize to be self-relient and not to depend on such dummy leadership anymore.

    i wonder, some of the comments of the regular visitors of PT, who used to be very critical and personal about the issues and old leadership, are very polite now to express their views, is this the party loyality or nepotism…..????

    long live common men….

    Almas Fatima

  25. ibtida e ishaq he rota he kiya?
    aage aage dekhiye hota he kiya!

    PPP, PML, MQM, or establishment key jialo, matwalo, or mohero!
    ye to shuruaat he.

  26. another lesson for the people of Gojal…well yea people are well educated…,,,educated youth and Jiyaly of ppp you should learn a lesson from the behaviour of your ppp representatives…..dont be folish more in future…you should demand the resignation of ppp representatives

  27. The people of Hunzukutz its time to wake Up, re call your past,observe the present situation and think about your future.I just said to the govt of Pakistan that,this is a right of suffered people of Hunza that govt shoud give them relief, shoud fulfill the basic necessaries of life.

  28. Instead of going on Pakistan tour, the Chief Minister should have arranged an office somewhere in Gilgit-Baltistan for his newly achieved post, which is so far without an office. If there was an office, he would have been there and might have met the people to come to know about their concerns. And then as the first CM of the area he should have visited every place in Gilgit-Baltistan to thank the people for their support but instead he opted towards south to be with the ticket givers which indicates that it is the ticket givers and not the people of area, who have brought him to this position in the unknown setup. During this trip the CM has not forgotten to tell the investors to invest in Gilgit-Baltistan but it would have been much better if before invitation he could have identified the areas of investment and had a system in place for that, but who cares. Well, like his co-workers in the rest of the country he is ware that people are needed before the vote and not after vote……………….

  29. It,s the fundamental draw back of our people that we are post assupmtive not the preassumtive, the reason we are facing problems.

    It was clear from the begining that PPP guys are only for salogans, not for actions. It,s a big shame for this idiot CM mehdi that he is failed to visit the affected area, while he is busy in Lahore for making his masters happy.

    This is the basic evidence that this bastard CM Mehdi will do nothing for our area.

  30. DEAR ALL………..


    We make them cry who care for us.we care for those who never care for us and we care for those who will never care for us.this is the truth.One u realize this it’s never too late to change……….

    Join hands to raise your VOICE….To demand your RIGHTS..

  31. i agree with all of your respected comments, this clearly shows that what is the difference between an educated an uneducated person…………

  32. It is not only true for PPP, but equally true for PML and other parties.

    If PPP was not there and where were the others,?

    Is Mr. Ghazanfar, whose far fathers have ruled Hunza for centuries, passing his days with the victims of the disaster there in Ataabad??????????????

    Nobody is bothered.


  33. oh leave it (the bloody politics) here if some body is critising the current representative it doesnt mean that he is aganist ppp or wazir baig,we can ask frm dummy leaders ,i dont know why some people are arguing about ghazanfer let him ,he is not our leader and he become a part of past politics ,you should talk about …. CM and other leaders who became through rigging and other unfair means , i would also like to tell u all that father of mr ghazanfer was a great hunzakutz as campare to his son

  34. Dear Mr. Sher karim

    this is not the time to defend your party and speak against others, leave your political motives for a while and lets think about our sufferd brothers and sisters, please. leave your slogans for some other are defending without any thought.


    mushtaq alam

  35. we must avoid scoring for our ‘Party’. This kind of exploiting the human sufferings is even worst than not being able to serve the affected people.

  36. @sher karim
    very sad to read your comments, you look more concerned about the issue of ghazanffar and parties. you are not bothered what has happend to your area, please be posative. leave zardari for a while…. think about your area and people, we must not be concerned about Mirs or Wazirs in this situation.

    Almas Fatima

  37. Mr. Mushtaq Alam

    I am equally criticizing all the political parties, my dear. I say no political party has ever done good for us, they only have to safeguard their interest.

    We the people have to rise and help our brothers and sisters. How did you realize I am advocating for PPP. It doesn’t mean I am supporting one party when I criticized Ghazanfar.

    He and his family should do the most because they have milked and squeezed the people of Hunza for centuries in the times of State and for decades as he has remained their representative.

    Please read carefully before commenting.


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